Oxford England Hotels

Oxford England hotels tend to be pricey in general, and become more so the closer they are to the city center. Budget accommodation is widely available in this university city though, with hostels located all around, including near the train station. Between May and September, advanced reservations for Oxford UK hotels should be made for these are peak tourism months in Oxford. Abingdon Road, on the south side, is the main hub for guest houses and hotels, along with Iffley and Cowley Road on the east, Park End Street on the west, and Banbury Road in the north. Cornermarket, Beaumont, and Bath Place streets are home to most central hotels.

Splurging during Oxford vacations isn’t difficult to do and with so many five-star Oxford England hotels, such as The Macdonald Randolph Hotel, the choice is wide. This historic landmark hotel was first built in 1864 in the city center and has since played host to presidents and prime ministers alike. The setting entails luxurious accommodations, a lavish spa, and a celebrated restaurant and bar. Popular for both conferences and weddings, the hotel includes all amenities necessary for any grand function or sumptuous overnight stay. Each hotel space is laden with a rich past and elegance, with ruby-red draperies, broad interior columns, rich wood, and plenty of contemporary details, both big and small. The Presidential Suite is the most stylish of all, with a king bed, two full baths, a personal library, and an ample lounge area overlooking St Giles, all with a private entrance.

Whoever would think an old Victorian prison could be a leading boutique hotel? Malmaison Oxford Castle (pictured) is just that, a converted prison-turned-stylish-hotel often celebrated for its uniqueness and innovation. The conversion was a successful one, with a large part of the prison transformed, maintaining just enough original details to create a beautiful and interesting contrast. The former prison cells are the guest rooms, comprised of three cells, one of which is the en-suite bath. An iron walking path dissects the central naive on both sides in classic prison style, in open-concept plan, spanning several hotel stories. The surrounding grounds enjoyed redevelopment in 2006. This upgrade created a popular tourist area filled with shops, restaurants, pubs, and other attractions. The area is within five minutes of bus and rail stations and the city center. Rooms feature specialty showers, mood lighting, and high-tech gadgets and are complete with continental breakfast, high-speed Internet, and access to tours.

The Old Bank Hotel is one of the classic Oxford England hotels in the city, presenting guests with a time-honored setting filled with history and once used as a high street city bank. Once again, many original details are left intact, creating a rare environment with many interesting architectural details. Old Bank is the first city center hotel and offers convenience in close proximity to both the university and the historic city area. Muted grays and soothing earth tones, fresh flowers, and simple adornments surround pretty picture windows in forty-two rooms that look out to the city’s famous spires and towers. The ground floor houses a popular bistro, a design popular in most Oxford UK hotels, offering fresh British fare from breakfast through dinner.

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