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UK pubs offer a broad look into the distinctive cultural of the British Isles and a pleasant way to enjoy a break from tours and get out on the town. The best United Kingdom pubs include historic dwellings in ancient buildings along with modern establishments throughout the United Kingdom. Whether you’ve got a thirst for some of the best brews or an interest in traditional fare, the many pubs in England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales will have you well on your way to an exemplary experience amid locals whose lives are interwoven with traditional pub culture. A quintessential journey of London’s pubs might well be the most important step into the social history of one of the UK’s most cherished, and most important capitals, where pubs are an integral part of daily life.

Whether you’re in the heart of a city or in a rambling countryside, there’s no doubt you’ll stumble upon UK pubs. With many of the British adults enjoying a good pub outing on a regular basis, it’s no surprise there are more than 60,000+ pubs across the nation. A short form for public houses, pubs tend to be pleasant and cheerful with a menu of traditional brews and food. In the last decade or so, pubs have welcomed women as part of the landscape, a favorable social change narrowing the divide between women and men in this specific environment. Pub-goers will notice Lady’s Snugs or Rooms are still prevalent in pub design though most aren’t used in the traditional sense.

London’s heritage pubs are something to be admired with many noted as the best United Kingdom pubs. The Black Friar, located at 174 Queen Victoria Street, London, is a testament to craftsmanship and history. Built in shape of a wedge, it’s tucked against the Blackfriars rail line. Wrought iron signs, mosaic tiles, and a statue of friars guarding the entrance are exterior markers. The outside cannot prepare for the magnificent interior, styled as an aureate church, adorned in mosaic, marble, and bronze, bas-relief form sculpture. Triple arches make way to a smaller, chapel-esque pub bar below an arched ceiling filled with mosaics. The Black Friar is one of the most detailed historic pubs in England.

You’ll be hard pressed to find an area in the United Kingdom without a bar or pub. In Scotland, a key design element is the distinct snug—sitting rooms where guests enjoy a few drinks in a small, private room. Snugs were once considered the more respectable place to have a few drinks, rather than standing around the bar. The Art-Deco style Portland Arms, at 1169 Shettleston Road in Glasgow, is one of the few unspoiled Scottish pubs featuring an island gantry, or bar, with standing room and private snugs. Rebuilt in the 1930s, the pub retains many original details and is owned by the original family. Art Deco fireplaces, veneer paneling, and original seating with match strikers and wood dividers.

Pub tours are a fun way to explore the best United Kingdom pubs, whether in Belfast, London, or anywhere in the region. The most famous pubs in England are centered in London, a city with some of the richest and longest history in the UK. Many hostels offer free or cheap pub crawls to those staying there and hotels will be able to refer you to a tour company to take you out if you want some guidance. The Thames Pub Walks visit some of the best pubs in England along with the riverside, a vintage market, and the best art-nouveau style pub in the city. Buckets of pub lore, historic establishments, and historic churches are all included during tours of UK pubs, offering a great way to explore during vacations.



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