With acres upon acres of lush golf courses, hundreds of Scottish castles and more wide-open space then any other nation in the United Kingdom, vacations in Scotland are among the most popular in the world. In particular, Scotland golf vacations are a favorite among golfing enthusiast of every skill level. Whether you travel to Scotland for history, relaxation, or some time spent in the great outdoors, vacations in Scotland will not disappoint.

Vacations in Scotland
Vacations in Scotland

Located north of England and Wales, Scotland has developed a fiercely independent culture that has survived the political tumult the country has seen. The area is thought to have been settled in 843, when Kenneth I of Scotland became King of the Picts and Scots. The Picts were a northern kingdom that was conquered by the Scots and blended with their kingdom when Kenneth became Scotland"s first King. Later in the 11th century William, the Conqueror, led the Normans to defeat the Scots, and the nation is today part of Great Britain and the United Kingdom.

A Scotland golf vacation is one of the most appealing ways to enjoy the country. Scotland boasts more then 400 golf courses ranging in price and exclusivity. A Scotland golf vacation can be an excellent way to combine sightseeing with sport. Since nearly every city in Scotland has a golf course, from Edinburgh to Glasgow to the smaller villages, a golf tour of the country will also land travelers in many of the countries best travel destinations.

Sightseeing in itself can be a consuming activity and can also make for great vacations in Scotland. Many tourists travel to Scotland specifically for the popular Scotland tourist attractions. Scottish castles are abundant, and the remains of many are available for viewing to this day. Many of the older castles have come to ruin, but still stand tall as a symbol of the dangerous life that the Scots of old led. Perhaps it is this danger that has developed the strong character of the Scots, and yet travelers will find that locals are among the most welcoming to tourists in all of the United Kingdom.

Other Scotland tourist attractions can be found on the coast. Since most of the cities in Scotland are located on the coast travelers will find that much of the action happens there. Popular Scotland tourist attractions include the Glasgow cathedral, Mugdock Country Park, the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Burn"s Cottage, and more. The country is literally filled with both legend and monuments.

Eating at restaurants for those who travel to Scotland can be an adventure. Local fare, for the most part, will center around thick stews, beef, and variations on dishes using oats (such as an oatcake). Haggis is the food most non-Scots think of when they think of Scotland; however, it is considered a delicacy. Travelers will find it available in many traditional Scottish restaurants, but those feeling adventurous should be aware that haggis is made from a mixture of sheep parts (lung, stomach, heart, and liver) and spices.

If all that food leaves you longing for a nap, keep in mind that Scotland has plenty of great hotels to choose from. No matter how you plan to spend your time in this gorgeous northern country, anyone who plans to travel Scotland will be delighted by the welcome of the people and charm of the country.

Top image: mendhak (flickr), CC BY-SA 2.0
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