Scotland Hotels

With hundreds of ancient Scottish castles and course after course of lush golfing excitement, Scotland has good reason to expect plenty of guests. Hotels in Scotland are quite numerous, and there are generally excellent options for hotels in Scotland to fit any budget. No matter what brings you to Scotland, you"ll likely enjoy your overnight stay at hotels in Scotland, whether it is in the big city of Edinburgh, or a small country village.

Spa Hotel Accommodation Scotland

Resorts and spas draw thousands of travelers each year to Europe, and many resort enthusiasts choose to head to Scotland. The spa hotel accommodation Scotland offers ranges from the day spa package to a whole weekend of spa indulgence. Many of the spa hotel accommodation Scotland offers can be found in the country, or even on a farm. Health spa farms are becoming ever more popular, and Scotland features its fair share of them. Many resort hotels in Scotland are located near popular attractions such as golf courses or impressive castles.

Bed and Breakfast Scotland Hotels

Bed and Breakfasts offer all the inviting comforts of home, in keeping with the traditions of Scotland. Many Bed and Breakfasts are run out of restored homes that can be hundreds of years old. The quaint feel of a mansion-style stay is often a major attraction for travelers to a Bed and Breakfast. While you"ll still have the chance to meet travelers from around the world over the breakfast table, in contrast to youth hostels guests will have their own bathroom ensuite. A Bed and Breakfast can be a great way to enjoy the history of Scotland, along with some homey creature comforts.

Castle Hotels in Scotland

Scottish castles are one of the main tourist draws to the country of Scotland. Castle hotels in Scotland provide an unparalleled experience to guests. Many of the castle hotels in Scotland are centuries old and have been restored to offer modern luxuries. Since the main floor plan and structures are still in place, however, guests will walk the same halls as the great kings and queens of old; from Anne Boleyn to Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Victoria of England. If viewing historic castle hotels in Scotland is a priority, be sure to check into your particular hotel choice. A few hotels in recent years have cropped up that are designed to imitate the castle experience, but are not actually castles with any substantial history.

Wedding Hotel Accommodation Scotland

Scotland is also a popular place to get married. Many of the castles hotels in Scotland, as well as some larger hotels, offer complete wedding packages. Conveniently, chapel services can be held on hotel grounds, and of course guests will be ensured a place to stay. Be sure to check into some of the wedding package options online or through a travel agent if a wedding in Scotland sounds like the right option for you.

Standard Hotels in Scotland

Travelers looking to spend a night in one of Scotland"s standard hotels are in for a treat. Although prices remain reasonable, many of the most moderately priced hotels in Scotland still offer unique Scotland experiences. Since many hotels are located in renovated churches or historical buildings, tourists can still stay in stunning Scottish buildings for a fraction of the cost of some of the larger castles and spas. Glasgow in particular offers a nice range of budget hotels that feature clean, comfortable, historical accommodation for a moderate price. Standard hotels in Edinburgh and northern Scotland are also a great option for tourists and give travelers an excellent Scotland experience.

No matter what sort of Scotland hotel you decide to make your stay in, there are plenty of options for travelers on any budget, with a multitude of interests. For discounted travel, try booking airfare and accommodation together.

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