Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford Upon Avon has been cemented into history as the nucleus of all things Shakespeare. This 800-year old town eight miles south of Warwick celebrates its importance as the birthplace of author William Shakespeare, as well as home to some of the best Shakespearean theatre in the world. Located about 100 miles north of London, the town is easily reach by train or car.

Attractions & Main Sites

Attractions & Main Sites
Attractions & Main Sites

Most of Stratford Upon Avon’s attractions are related to the Bard, including the house he was born in, situated in the center of town. Visitors have been strolling curiously through Shakespeare's birthplace for over a quarter of a century. This aging half-timbered home provides a glimpse into typical 16th century life. Over the years, this peek into William Shakespeare’s early life has drawn visitors as famous as Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy. The house and surrounding gardens are open daily.

Stratford’s claim to Shakespearean fame extends beyond his childhood home. Anne Hathaway’s Cottage, situated not far outside the center of Stratford Upon Avon, was the home of William Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway. This charming thatched-roof cottage and its surrounding English gardens are easily reachable by vehicle or on a marked footpath from the center of Stratford.

Other historical Shakespearean landmarks include Nash’s House, New Place, Mary Arden’s Farm, and Hall’s Croft. These properties were formerly owned by Shakespeare’s family members and restored to their former glory as museums and exhibitions.

A must-do on any visit to Stratford Upon Avon is a performance by the Royal Shakespeare Company. This world-renowned thespian troupe is hailed worldwide as an authority on the Bard’s work. While the company sometimes performs plays written by other authors, they specialize in Stratford’s beloved Shakespeare.

Stratford Upon Avon Hotels

Stratford Upon Avon Hotels
Stratford Upon Avon Hotels

Lodging options in Stratford are plentiful and diverse. Hotels such as the Stratford Limes (pictured) and the Arden Hotel are located centrally within the city, providing many typical hotel amenities and excellent service. Bed and Breakfasts such as White-Sails and the Twelfth Night Guest House incorporate personalized service and excellent food with their comfortable beds. Visitors can also choose to rent their own cottage, such as one of the Shakespeare Holiday Cottages, located throughout Stratford. For a unique rural experience, book a room at Monk’s Barn Farm, boasting delicious breakfasts and their own pet sheep.

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