T in the Park

T in the Park 2022 is one of many major music festivals in Scotland. It takes place over three days around the second week in July, coinciding with Ireland's Oxegen. The dates work perfectly for many performers to appear in both festivals. It's not one of the world's beer festivals, but its name comes from one of its primary sponsors, Tennents, which brews the country's favorite lagers. Lineups include such acts as Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Alanis Morissette, Green Day, and Eminem.

T in the Park History and Facts

The T in the Park Festival was first held in 1994 at Strathclyde Park (about twenty miles east of Glasgow) and moved to its current location in 1997. It began life as a two-day event, and changed to three days in 2007.

T in the Park Location and Getting There

The Kinross Music Festival is held on the grounds of Balado, a former airfield and NATO Satellite Ground Station, which is located a little over a mile west of the town. Kinross itself is located about 50 miles north of the capital city of Edinburgh on the main M90 highway. From the M90, turn west on the A977 for less than a mile. There are bus vacation packages available from points around Scotland, and these include round-trip transportation and festival tickets with and without camping. You can drive yourself as well, and even car park tickets are sold in advance in order to limit and control the number of vehicles.

T in the Park Tickets

The majority of T in the Park tickets are for the entire festival, but you can buy single-day tickets with or without camping.

T in the Park Lodging

The majority of Kinross Music Festival attendees come for the entire event and stay in one of the large camping areas. As with many similar festivals, it was found that traffic is very bad on the first day of the event. There have additionally been safety issues, as thousands of festival goers try to get through the entrance as quickly as possible. To address these concerns, the campgrounds are now open the day before the festival. The area only offers a dozen or so alternatives within reasonable distance to the festival venue.

You have a choice of several pub type bed and breakfast inns and some hotels. If you need something a bit fancier, you can try the Green Hotel Golf and Leisure Resort. This property is the result of imaginatively combining the three-star Windlestrae Hotel and the four-star Green Hotel. Most people come here for Scotland golf on two 18-hole courses. It is located on the A922, about three miles north of Kinross and four miles from Balado.

Tickets for the Kinross Music Festival 2022 camping sites sell out almost as quickly as festival tickets, going within an hour or so of first being offered. You can bring your own tent and gear, or you can camp in "The Residence." This is definitely not roughing it. There are large companies throughout Europe (particularly in the UK) that specialize in luxury camping for festivals and similar events. Pick your camping style, and all you have to do is show up to be greeted by a fully assembled, fully furnished shelter. These can be yurts or tipis, PodPads or flat-pack hotel rooms. Perhaps the most whimsical form of shelter is the Gypsy Caravan, traditional wagon caravans furnished with everything from duvets and bed linens to dishes and cooking facilities. Campervans are allowed, but they must be bona fide campers. You cannot get away with a sleeping bag in the back of a regular van or the back of a station wagon.

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