Tenby is a small, seaside town west of Carmarthen Bay in Pembrokeshire Souhwest Wales. The town is entirely hedged by a medieval stone wall which is one of the largest curiosities for tourists. Tenby Wales also features almost three miles of golden beaches, the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, an acclaimed museum and art gallery, and many other notable attractions.


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Tenby first attracted settlers for all its strong points; a sheltered harbor from two seas, a strategic spot on the west of the British Isles. The town’s seaport status grew following the first walled castle built by the Earls of Pembroke. After two devastating attacks the First Earl of Pembroke, William de Valence, ordered walls built around Tenby entirely in the 13th century. King Henry VII sought shelter in Tenby in the 15th century prior to his movement into exile. He later showered royal grants on Tenby, greatly improving infrastructure and thus boosting commerce. Following the English Civil War Tenby went into total decay. It took just one wealthy man and some heavy investing and Tenby became fit for the aristocracy seeking alternatives to exclusive spa resorts in Europe during the Napoleonic Wars. Throughout Georgian and Victorian periods Tenby Wales became famous as a health resort and a hub for geological and botanical studies.



The medieval walls have always garnered ample attention simply because of the unusual site and interesting history. The small-town friendly feel and relaxed backdrop are paired with an environment rife with local artists creating colorful streetscapes filled with vibrant artwork and exhibitions. Victorian revival architecture is restored and beautiful maintained. Quaint shops, restaurants, and pubs thrive during the UK summer vacation months. Horseback riding, beach visits, hiking, and cruises to nearby Caldey Island are popular with tourists.

Tenby Hotels & Lodging

Adjacent gardens, brilliant sea views, and modern accommodation can be found within the hotels of Tenby. There is so much charm across the hotel market in town; a lot of hotels are set in Victorian Revival buildings. Many Tenby hotels offer complimentary Wi-Fi, parking, and are dog friendly. Some feature beer gardens and onsite dining. There are more than 50 guest houses (think bed and breakfast) in Tenby and the surrounding area. Self-catering accommodations are also popular in Tenby and throughout Wales. These short-term rentals offer everything necessary to vacation without services.

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