Transportation in UK

Transportation throughout the United Kingdom is straightforward and convenient. UK car rental is a popular choice, as well as transportation by bus and train. Fees and rules for traveling in the United Kingdom may be different from those in your home country, so it is usually a good idea to become familiar with transportation regulations before you travel.

UK Car Rental

Car Rental in UK is a popular choice for anyone planning to do some independent sightseeing. UK car rental is available in Scotland, Wales, and England, and is a good way to see some of the more remote areas of the United Kingdom. You won"t need a special British driver"s license for car rental in UK as long as you have a valid passport and license from your own country.

The rules of the road in the UK are worth making a note of before getting behind the wheel of any car rental in UK. Cars travel down the left side of the road, and steering wheels are positioned on the right side of the car. This style of driving can be tricky if you've never tried it before, and it's a good idea to practice in a traffic-free area before heading out on the open road. In particular, travelers will find that almost all car rental in UK vehicles are manual. This means drivers will need to become accustomed to shifting with their left hand.

For cheap car rental UK, you may want to consider renting your car for a full week. Often times daily rates are greatly reduced for a full week"s rental, and usually you"ll pay less for six days of renting then you will for just three. Cheap car rental UK can best be found by shopping around and comparing prices, though for even cheap car rental UK you'll find that the government imposing a 17% tax for cheap UK car rental and general car rental. You"ll be subject to this tax no matter which company you rent from.

UK Bus Travel

The bus is another excellent travel choice for getting around the UK. The bus is particularly nice if you are traveling between cities. Since most rental car companies charge hefty fees if you don't return your car to the same location, the bus can be a great way to get from point to point. Many travelers make a loop of different areas using the bus, and UK travel packages that cover bus tours are widely available. Bus tours can also be booked for smaller tours, such as English castle or Scottish castle tours.

UK Train Travel

The train is yet another way to make your way around the United Kingdom. Though Eurailpasses will do you no good in the UK, you can purchase a BritRail Travel Pass for unlimited travel between England, Scotland, and Wales.

As one of the most industrialized nations in the world, transportation in the UK is modern and convenient. Be sure to spend a little time researching the different options to find the best fit for your travel plans.



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