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Chances are if you are planning a trip to the UK you'll be eating out much of the time. While there are plenty of opportunities to utilize a hotel kitchen to make a quick snack, dining out can be just as fun as some of the other UK tourist attractions. UK restaurants have come a long way over the years and today UK restaurants are among the finest in the world. Whether you want simple fare for a modest price or the tantalizing specialties of a high end UK restaurant, you'll be delighted to discover that the United Kingdom has it all.

Restaurants in London England have evolved in recent years to include some of the most famous restaurants run by the most sought after chefs. Gordon Ramsay of reality TV fame got his start at restaurants in London England and his famous London restaurant remains a world-class favorite among foreigners and locals alike. Many of the gourmet restaurants in London England are pricey, but plenty are worth the extra cash. Heavily influenced by traditional French cooking, many restaurants in London England today combine European flavors with modern innovation. Many of these restaurants are located in downtown London near such attractions as Trafalgar Square and others- making your dining experience both delicious and historical.

Pubs are yet another type of restaurants in London England and throughout the entire United Kingdom. Many of the pubs in the lagers cities like Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Cardiff have gone from dreary places to pound a beer to a hip little food oasis. Many of the more traditional UK food dishes are served up in pubs. The bangers and mash of British fame is making a come-back right along with many other standard UK food dishes.

If you plan to head north to explore a Scotland restaurant, you may want to start in Edinburgh. Edinburgh is home to some of the fancier Scotland restaurants and presents UK food with a flair that is uniquely Scottish. In addition to some of the Scotland restaurant fare many foreigners have heard ominous tales about (haggis, for instance), the Scots provide a bounty of European delicacies that are well worth sampling. Pubs are popular here, too, and in addition to a warm and tasty meal, you're likely to meet some colorful locals as well.

Scotland restaurants are also well known for their fresh ingredients. This is a major boon for any visitor. Many restaurants, small and large, tend their own gardens out back and toss fresh vegetables and herbs in with the dishes. While some of these restaurants are subject to seasonal fare, you can't beat the freshness or the flavor. Since most Scottish cities and towns are located right on the coast, you'll also find that Scotland restaurants feature plenty of fresh seafood. For anyone who loves the flavor of recently caught fish (as recent as that same day), Scotland restaurants are the place to be.

One other unique way to enjoy UK food is through high tea. Although high tea is no longer what it once was due to the workday, high tea is still enjoyed by many. Tourists can even indulge in teatime at many restaurants, and a formal high tea in the late afternoon is an event well worth attending at least once while you are in the United Kingdom. Try the Roman Bathhouse in the city of Bath for a special treat. However you decide to enjoy UK food traditions, the restaurants of UK are sure to delight.

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