Victor Hugo House

The Victor Hugo house, known officially as the Hauteville House, is located in the town of St Peter Port on the island of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. Victor Hugo lived in the Victor Hugo house for about 15 years, during his 19 year exile from France. The Victor Hugo House is a one of the biggest attractions for visitors to the town of St Peter Port.

As is widely known, Victor Hugo was a poet who also wrote a number of classic novels, including Les Miserables, Travailluers de la Mer, William Shakespeare, Notre Dame, and many more. Along with his many novels, Victor Hugo was noted in his day for his great poems. Along with being widely available in libraries and other sources, Victor Hugo poems are also displayed at the Hauteville House itself.

Victor Hugo quotes are also widely available in sources throughout the world. The Victor Hugo biography begins in the early nineteenth century, when he was born. The Victor Hugo biography includes much of his life set in the city of Paris, before he was exiled from the country. Before moving to the Hauteville House, Victor lived for many years in Place des Vosges in Paris, which is a sort of apartment in the city. Both this home and his home in St Peter Port are preserved by the city of Paris as museums to the public.

A Victor Hugo biography will likely include information about Victor Hugo poems and novels. A trip to his house in St Peters Port will reveal the living situation of Victor Hugo just as he himself arranged it. The house has not been rearranged at all since his death late in the nineteenth century. Victor Hugo poems, writings, quotes and decorations have all been left in place exactly as they were when he passed away.

In order to tour the Victor Hugo house, travelers simply need to travel to St Peter Port. The museum is open during the day throughout the week, with a small fee for adults and a discounted entrance fee for children. The building is interesting to visit not only because of the fascinating decorations within, but also because of the design of the house itself. Much of the house is meant to mirror medieval design, according to the wishes of Victor Hugo himself. His descendants donated the house to the city of Paris in the early twentieth century to be used as a museum.

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