Castles in Wales

The castles in Wales are so numerous that the country is often referred to as the Land of Castles or the Castle Capital of the World. In this UK nation, you will find approximately 400 castle sites spread out across the land. Some of these sites feature little more than mounds and other kinds of earthworks, and some are home to sizeable ruined castles that show their age in a romantic way. In addition to these kinds of castles, you will also find well-restored structures, some of which have been converted into stately residences. Many of the Welsh castles, regardless of their present state, are open to the public, and should you be interested in a castle vacation, there is arguably no better destination in the world.

The castles in Wales includes some of the best medieval castles that you will find anywhere in Europe. Take the Beaumaris Castle in the lovely village of Beaumaris, for example. Work on this fantastic military installment began in the late 1200s, and interestingly enough, the project was never completed. Even so, many experts rank this castle high in terms of sophistication. Much of this has to do with its concentric outer walls and its architectural symmetry. King Edward I, who reigned as the king of England from 1272 to 1307, is responsible for the creation of Beaumaris Castle, and it is one of many castles that he basically built to display his power to the Welsh people.

Beaumaris Castle is just one of the castles in North Wales that you won't want to miss while traveling through the area. Nearby Conwy Castle is also an excellent example of a medieval military structure, and mighty Caernarfon Castle also calls the region home. All three of these medieval treasures are part of a World Heritage Site that is known as the Castles and Town Walls of King Edward in Gwynedd, and there is a fourth that rounds out the group. This fourth castle is Harlech Castle, and among its historical highlights is the fact that it served as the de facto capital of Wales from 1404 to 1409.

These wonderful castles in North Wales are among the very best castles in the country. There certainly aren't the only ones that are worth visiting, however. In southern Wales, for example, both Cardiff Castle and Caerphilly Castle tempt tourists with their historical and architectural allure. You'll also find romantic Raglan Castle in the southern part of the country, and should you venture out to the westernmost Welsh county of Pembrokeshire, you can treat yourself to a Carew Castle visit. Both of these structures maintain a certain level of grace regardless of their relatively ruined states.

Thanks to these and the many other castles that can be found across the country, Wales is a popular place to go on a castle vacation. There are plenty of vacation packages that include stops at some of the most-known castles in Wales, and they typically include most everything else that you will need, including lodging and transportation. Perhaps you'll take things further and arrange a UK castle vacation. Both England and Scotland boast many fine castles that can also be a joy to explore, and those who want to expand their horizons even further can keep a slew of other European countries in mind. Nearby Ireland is just one example, and you might be interested to know that it features some great castle hotels.

Should you be interested in staying in a castle during your Wales vacation, there are at least two that provide overnight accommodations. These castles include the Craig-y-Nos Castle, which is found in the Upper Swansea Valley of South Wales, and the Ruthin Castle, which is situated in the northern part of the country near the town of Ruthin. These castle hotels can be great venues for private events, such as weddings, and you might be interested to know that some of the castles in Wales that don't offer accommodations can also be rented for private functions.

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