Hotels in Wales

Wales is a country with a history of struggle that continues to retain cultural traditions. Hotels in Wales include everything from quaint Bed and Breakfasts to large, iconic mansions and castle hotels. Like many of the castle hotels in England and Scotland, castles in Wales were originally built to protect inhabitants from encroaching enemies. Today, these enormous structures remain. Almost all hotels in Wales retain a homey feeling, and guests of hotels in Wales are sure to feel as though they"ve stepped back in time.

Historic Wales Hotels

Though history abounds around every corner in Wales, some prestigious castles and hotels stand tall as historic icons in Wales. Ruthin Castle is one of the most splendid castle hotels in all of Wales. First built by Edward I in 1277, the castle held against British forces until the 17th century. Today, the remains have been converted into a hotel with all of the comforts of a modern hotel.

Another popular historic hotel is the Prince of Wales Hotel in Southport, Wales. The Prince of Wales Hotel was constructed during the Victorian era, and is encompassed in an enormous mansion that can house many guests. The Prince of Wales Hotel is located near one of the most popular places for shopping in Wales, Lord Street, and close to plenty of other popular tourist attractions.

Small Wales Hotels

In Wales, great things really do come in small packages. Some of the best hotels in Wales can be found at the smaller Bed and Breakfast hotels, or quaint, locally owned hotels. Bed and Breakfast hotels are particularly abundant along the coast, and most North Wales Hotels will also be small, family owned businesses. While you'll still have the chance to meet travelers from around the world over the breakfast table, in contrast to youth hostels guests will have their own bathroom ensuite. A Bed and Breakfast can be a great way to enjoy the history of Wales, along with some homey creature comforts.

Cheap Hotels Wales

Most of the cheap hotels Wales has can be found along the coast, or in the country. Many of the more expensive luxury hotels are located in the heart of a city. In general, the cheap hotels Wales offers tend to be the smaller, family owned hotels. Usually these hotels will come with the welcome of your local owner, and some have even been passed down through the same family for generations. For some of the best Wales hotel deals, be sure to look for deals online. Although there is no official off-season for the United Kingdom, rates are sometimes discounted in the winter. Cheap and discounted hotels are also available by booking a travel package, which will bundle flight and accommodation costs together.

However you enjoy your stay in Wales, your hotel stay can be the perfect backdrop to compliment your travel plans. Whether you take a sightseeing tour in Wales, go for a walkabout, or even spend time meeting the locals and researching the history of the area, Wales is one of the most intriguing areas in the world.



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