Ukraine Airports

Ukraine airports are found throughout the country, meaning it’s easier for visitors to reach almost any major city by air—once they’ve arrived in Ukraine. Most international flights into the country are offered through one or two major airports, so before booking your airfare to Ukraine, make sure you have your itinerary settled for where you need to be, in addition to checking into visa and entry requirements. The Kiev Airport is the country’s largest and serves the most international flights, in addition to typically offering the most inexpensive fares; almost all international travelers arriving by air will go through this airport first, even if there are trips to other Ukraine airports on the itinerary. Traveling within Ukraine can be done in many ways, including bus, train, and rental car, but planes are usually fastest and are connected well by the unofficial national carrier, Ukraine International Airlines.

For a tourist visit lasting no longer than 90 days, visas are not necessary for travelers from many countries, including the United States, Canada, the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Monaco, and several others; travelers can check the status of visa requirements through the Ukrainian consulate web site or their own embassy. There are some instances when a visa will be necessary regardless of your point of origin, such as for business travel or long term vacations. For these visitors, and for travelers from countries not on the exempt list, a letter of invitation (often from your hotel or other lodging) will be required to get your visa. Additionally, customs will most certainly inquire as to the amount of money being carried into the country, and two immigration forms must be filled out upon entry.

Many of the flights to the Kiev Boryspil International Airport, as the Kiev airport is formally known, come from major cities in Europe, including London, Rome, Prague, Budapest, Milan, Frankfurt, Vienna, Munich, and Warsaw, among others. This will likely be the most expensive part of your trip, as many of the domestic flights going to and from the Kiev airport are cheaper than the international flights, and travelers can often find special deals with the low-cost carriers that serve airports around the country. If you are traveling to the airport in Odessa Ukraine, for instance, it will likely be cheaper to fly to Kiev and then connect on to Odessa, rather than attempt to fly directly to this city by the Black Sea from elsewhere in Europe.

However, the airport in Odessa Ukraine does also provide service to and from international destinations as well as domestic flights. It is situated just a few miles outside of Odessa proper and is conveniently located near a variety of destinations along the coastal area, as well as plenty of Odessa hotels. If visitors happen to be visiting the Black Sea coastal area of Ukraine, flying through the airport in Odessa Ukraine may be the best option, as it is the largest and nearest airfield and will likely have the cheapest tickets. It’s relatively easy to travel on to destinations such as Nikolaev.

The Kiev Boryspil International or the airport in Odessa are the best place to begin your search for Ukraine travel, but once inside the country, visitors can choose from any number of methods of transportation to reach their final destination, including train, bus, car, and boat. Ukraine has an array of fascinating attractions, and whether you’re relaxing by the sea in Yalta or taking a Dnieper River cruise to Khortytsia, you’re sure to have an unforgettable stay.

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