Balaklava Harbor

Balaklava Harbor is nestled on the coast of the Crimean Peninsula, offering a restful resort haven in southern Ukraine not far from the city of Sevastopol and plenty of hotels in the Crimea. Although Balaklava Crimea is not considered a main attraction with a multitude of sightseeing opportunities, it is certainly worth visiting for a day or two for its historical value as well as the spectacular views of the Black Sea. Visitors searching for hotels in the Crimea have a number of locations to avail from Balaklava, including Sevastopol, Simferopol, and Yalta, ensuring a pleasant vacation experience in a beautiful part of Ukraine.

At present, the Balaklava Harbor welcomes yachts, sailboats, and naval ships; however, historically, this strategic harbor offered refuge to the British fleet during the Crimean War in the mid-nineteenth century, and it was home to a Soviet controlled nuclear submarine base during the Cold War. Since then, use of the base as a military outpost has been terminated, and parts of it are now open to the public. Although, the country of Ukraine is still rising to its full potential after long years of Soviet control, the possibilities are quite apparent in many areas, including Balaklava Crimea, where visitors will see beautiful landscapes and interesting architecture, appearing quaint and picturesque against the backdrop of the mountainous region overlooking the sea.

Sightseeing in Balaklava may seem somewhat limited in that there are not many officially posted tourist attractions; however, the entire territory offers a wealth of historical insight through a number of structures and monuments, such as the once-secret Soviet submarine base, where visitors can catch a glimpse of the water tunnels and channels that serviced the submarines during the Cold War period, which have all long since been dispersed. Stretching further into history, the ruins of a Genoese fortress boast some of the most outstanding views of the Black Sea.

Beyond visiting what remains of the fortress, visitors can travel up or down the hillside on trails leading either to a German stronghold or to a small beach. Extending outside of Balaklava Crimea, other attractions include several palaces, such as Khan’s Palace, which dates back to the fifteenth century; Chufut Kale, a cave city abandoned in the 1800s; and Bolshoi Canyon near Yalta, where travelers will find a number of natural landscapes, including lush vegetation, rocky terrain, and a waterfall with a pool that is safe for swimming and shallow diving.

Because there are a number of areas to find hotels in the Crimea, vacationers have a lot of flexibility for how they want to tour this lovely area. Within Balaklava, there are a few options, but that number is growing as the popularity of the city increases among tourists. Nearby Sevastopol offers a wider selection of accommodations as well as added attractions, such as an aquarium, a dolphinarium, the Balaklava Naval Museum, and an art gallery.

From the breathtaking views atop the crest of the hill to the submarine base and the charming buildings that make up the town, Balaklava Harbor is a unique destination to seek a peaceful vacation amid some of nature’s finest scenery. In addition to visiting the better-known historic sites such as Chernobyl or Livadia Palace, a trip to Balaklava is well worth adding to the itinerary if you’re interested in Ukrainian history.

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