Ukraine Beaches

Ukraine beaches are a popular place to spend a vacation in this Eastern European country, and they come in a great variety—the most popular are the seaside beaches, but rivers and lakes offer their own stretches of sand, and all together, they offer options for different atmospheres and landscapes, from sandy to rocky. Depending on how you want to spend your vacation, you’ll find a number of beaches that are possible destinations, from the beaches on the Black Sea to the Sea of Azov. The beautiful beaches in Odessa are always popular, and there are plenty of Odessa hotels to boot, ensuring you can spend plenty of time here before heading to your next destination.

Different parts of Ukraine offer a number of types of beaches. The Dnieper River flows the length of the country, and visitors to Kiev can forgo traveling to the seaside for a visit to one of the riverside Ukraine beaches. The coastal destinations are well worth visiting if you have the time, however—in addition to the beaches in Odessa, Yalta is a very popular summer spot with plenty of hotels and resorts to cater to tourists. The Crimean Peninsula overall is a beautiful place to head for a beach trip, though it will likely be much more crowded than the riverside beaches or other lesser-known beach destinations.

If you do head for the beaches in Odessa, they’re among the country’s most popular tourist destinations, so you’ll find plenty of options. (Remember to book ahead, however, especially during the peak season.) Popular Odessa beaches include Arcadia, Malibu, Otrada, and Lanzheron. Arcadia Beach offers a wide range options for entertainment, dining, and other activities, as it’s close to a boulevard lined with a range of restaurants, nightclubs, and bungalows and other accommodations. Visitors will find a similarly lively atmosphere at Malibu Beach, which is just a twenty-minute drive from the city center.

Even closer to town, Otrada Beach is a popular choice if you don’t want to worry about arranging your own transportation. It’s equipped with cable cars for easy access, and guests can take advantage of a number of on-site services and facilities, including play rooms for the kids, bars, showers and changing rooms, and even waiters. Otrada is popular for water sports, and there are excellent clubs here.

Nearest to the Odessa city center, Lanzheron Beach offers historical value as well as entertainment. The summer home of Count Langeron was erected along the coastline and lends its name to the beach, where the entryway arch still stands today. Lanzheron is just a fifteen-minute walk from the center and is located next to Schevchenko Park, making it a great place to spend a full day, particularly if you’re traveling with children. There is also a dolphinarium nearby, and even waterslides along the beach.

Beyond the beaches in Odessa, the Sea of Azov offers a much quieter scene, where travelers can kick back amid the untouched natural setting. As the water is significantly shallower than the Black Sea, the Ukraine beaches in this area are hit by more extreme weather, so much so that the shallow waters of the sea often freeze over during the winter months. In addition to the warmer summers and lush scenery, visitors can take advantage of any number of rest houses, sanatoriums, and health spas located on the beaches of the Sea of Azov. If you’re planning a summer trip to Ukraine, this destination is one worth visiting.

Ukraine has developed a wealth of coastal vacation opportunities throughout the country, from the riverside beaches on the Dnieper to Azov and popular beaches along the Black Sea, such as Lanzheron. You may be traveling to Ukraine for its history or to see the Seven Wonders of Ukraine, but it’s a great place to relax as well and a beach trip can be the perfect complement to a serious vacation spent visiting sites such as Chernobyl.

Ukraine Beaches


Ukraine beaches are a popular place to spend a vacation in this Eastern Europ...

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