Ukraine Bicycle Tours

Ukraine bicycle tours are among the most popular tours in the country. Bicycling is not only an inexpensive and efficient way to get around—it is also an environmentally friendly alternative to buses and cars. A bike tour in Ukraine can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on your chosen itinerary. From cycling in the Carpathians to biking along the coastal areas of the Crimean Peninsula, Ukraine bicycle tours allow visitors to experience the wonders and attractions of the country first hand, making for plenty of fond and pleasant memories.

Cycling in the Carpathians dominates many of the nature tours that take place throughout the country. Posing quite an adventure, as the mountainous regions are still yet not fully explored for the best routes, the Carpathians are a great place to begin a bike tour in Ukraine, whether you are an experienced mountain biker or a new adventurer.

On the Crimean Peninsula, cities connected to major destinations by train, such as Sevastopol, Simferopol, and Feodosiya, are often the popular starting points for a Crimea bike tour in Ukraine. From there, tours span the most popular coastal areas as well as the less populated regions for a truly enchanting view of the Black Sea one side and the magnificent Ukrainian landscape on the other.

The Ukraine bicycle tours vary in purpose, length, and region, creating a large variety of options for visitors to choose a personalized itinerary. Some tours are driven for charitable purposes with proceeds donated to certain causes, while others are strictly for the riders’ enjoyment. Whether you choose to go cycling in the Carpathians or touring the metropolitan areas on bicycle, this type of tour is a sure way to make the most of vacation.

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