Ukraine Black Sea

The Ukraine Black Sea coastal areas offer plenty of things to do and pleasant experiences during your vacation. Several cities line the shoreline of Ukraine, including Yalta, Odessa, Balaklava, and Sevastopol, where visitors will find a variety of attractions, from historic sites such as Livadia Palace to sandy beaches. The port of Odessa, Ukraine’s largest seaport, serves a number of Black Sea cruises each day, and hotels near the Black Sea come in a wide variety, ensuring that you can create the perfect vacation on your specific budget during a trip to this historic resort area.

Southern Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula occupy the northern coast of the Black Sea, offering a number of destinations, from the largest and vibrant city of Odessa to the smaller and lesser-known areas in the Crimea region. In Odessa, travelers will find a wealth of entertainment, attractions, and popular beaches, including Lanzheron, Arcadia, and Otrada. This city also has several iconic attractions, such as the Potemkin Stairs.

In the Crimea, east of Odessa, there are a number of desirable places to visit, such as Yalta, which has historically been a popular site. Today, this city is a draw for its excellent resorts, as well as its numerous palaces, a lovely botanical garden, and smooth pebble beaches. Sevastopol, hosting a number of historical relics and ruins, including the Valley of Death (referenced in Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s famous poem “The Charge of the Light Brigade,” which is now a vineyard), and Balaklava, a growing resort town from which some of the best views of the Ukraine Black Sea can be seen. Each of these coastal areas provides a unique encounter with the landscape and local people of the area.

In addition to visiting the local beaches and taking Black Sea cruises, visiting Ukraine’s coast provides plenty of unusual things to do. The museums and monuments in Odessa are a fascinating draw, and in addition to Livadia Palace, Yalta has many other interesting structures and strong historical ties—Tsar Nicholas II had his summer palace at Livadia, and the city hosted an important meeting among Joseph Stalin, Franklin Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill during World War II.

A closed city during the Soviet Period, Sevastopol now invites tourists to wander its streets and visit the various historically important sites honoring the Soviet and Crimean Wars. Boasting some of the best views of any Ukraine Black Sea destination, Balaklava was once a secret submarine port, but it’s gaining popularity among tourists for the pleasant scenery and resort atmosphere of the town, and there are plenty of hotels near the Black Sea in this area.

In addition to the various land attractions in the coastal areas of Ukraine, making reservations on one of the several Black Sea cruises will complete the vacation with an overall experience. As the largest port in the country and one of the largest on the sea, the Port of Odessa watches a number of Black Sea cruises arrive and depart to and from a healthy selection of other coastal and inland destinations, including Kiev on the Dnieper River. Other tours and cruises include navigating the waterways of Ukraine, visiting the selection of other countries lining the shores of the Black Sea, and even traversing the inland waters into Russia.

Finding hotels near the Black Sea means choosing your type of vacation and making reservations at the corresponding lodging. Although there are fancier hotels and resorts, local families often rent out rooms for travelers. This is most often advertised with a white sign on the front door, and it can be a great opportunity to meet local residents and get tips on the best things to see or places to eat.

From Odessa to the Crimea, Ukraine’s coastal areas offer a variety of desirable qualities and opportunities for sightseeing, learning, and vacationing. Visitors of Ukraine should note that, like several countries, it is important for tourists to learn the basic customs and a few words of the local language; this is not only a courteous gesture but an extremely useful tool for communicating while you’re traveling the countryside. At the very least, brush up on the Cyrillic alphabet so you can be familiar with road signs and the Ukrainian names of cities and destinations.

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