Chernivtsi Ukraine

Chernivtsi Ukraine is a medium-sized city situated on the River Prut in Western Ukraine, and is the administrative and cultural center of Chernivtsi Oblast Province. Along with Lviv, it is one of the most important historical and cultural hubs of Western Ukraine. The colorful city is a tourist's haven with countless historical churches and buildings, and harbors a vibrant arts culture. For visitors on Chernivtsi travel interested in learning more about the historic Bukovina region, a duchy of the Austrian Empire during the eighteenth century, Chernivtsi Ukraine is a prime stop, as it is the central city of the region. The city itself is a pleasant place to stay, and there are many quaint and homey hotels in Chernivtsi that make your stay comfortable and unique.

Although today the population of Chernivtsi Ukraine is predominantly ethnic Ukrainian, in the past the city had a remarkably diverse history. Between 1870 and the Second World War, for example, it housed significant numbers of Jews, Romanians, Germans, and Russians. These numerous cultural influences have left their imprint on the city, especially in the architecture. Visitors on Chernivtsi travel will want to walk through the historic downtown area gazing at the fine examples of Austro-Hungarian architecture. In fact, the many buildings built in Neo-classical, Baroque, Gothic, and even Byzantine architectural styles are similar to those in Vienna Austria, earning Chernivtsi the moniker Little Vienna. Stroll down Main Street and take in the colorful old buildings, many of them built in an elaborate nineteenth-century style.

Chernivtsi travel wouldn’t be complete with numerous visits to old churches. Check out Saint Nikolay (Mykola) Orthodox Church, with its strangely twisted towers that optically exaggerate the feeling of looking up at an incredibly tall building. The Saint Dukhivskyy Orthodox cathedral is a vision in pink, with dark domed cupolas and towers adorning its heights. The interior contains many beautiful paintings and frescoes. The Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Assumption is also a stately building with the characteristic onion-shaped domes. Hearkening back to Chernivtsi's past is the sight of an old synagogue. The columned building has since been transformed into a cinema.

A great place to spend an afternoon is in square in front of the Chernivtsi Philharmonic Hall. The hall itself was built in the late 1800s and it is a sumptuously decorated neo-Classical building. Here you can catch some evening entertainment if you fancy classical or folk music, as well as dance. The nearby Hall of Culture is also an impressive sight.

There are several Chernivtsi museums that are worth a visit. The Chernivtsi Museum of Arts exhibits nineteenth- and twentieth-century art, as well as a selection of regional folk art. You can also learn more about the city at the Chernivtsi Municipal Museum. Learning about the culture and history of Ukraine is a must during any trip to the country, and these are well worth adding to your list of museums.

As for hotels in Chernivtsi, they are in general very affordable, though you may be hard-pressed to find the level of accommodations you are accustomed to at large chain hotels. In the city center, some old houses have been converted into inns that offer a comfortable and quaint environment in a convenient location to go sightseeing. Try the Magnat Lux or the Best Eastern Hotel for some reasonable and dependable options. If you're staying more than a few days, renting an apartment may be a cheaper alternative to the hotels in Chernivtsi.

Chernivtsi Ukraine


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