Crimea is a region in southern Ukraine, featuring a number of charming cities and a variety of diverse attractions. Historically, the Crimean Peninsula was a favorite for local travelers because of its Mediterranean climate during the summer months, and it remains one of the best places for a beach vacation in Ukraine, as the Crimea beaches are excellent. There are plenty of hotels in Crimea Ukraine, so choosing the best one simply depends on where you want to go during your vacation in this part of Eastern Europe.

Consisting of several distinctive landscapes, including beaches and mountains, the Crimea offers a multitude of activities and attractions. The best time to visit the coastal areas is during the summer, when sunbathing and water activities are abundantly available. The mountains on the Crimea Peninsula provide a wealth of hiking, camping, and biking opportunities, and while much of the area remains officially unmarked, there are a number of trails and open areas for camping available for use. In addition, adventurers will find a collection of caves and lakes to visit as well. Inland, several farms occupy the plains areas, providing scenic panoramas and plenty of opportunities to observe the local farm life.

The hotels in Crimea Ukraine are usually confined to the urban areas, though there are possibilities for more remote resorts or mountain lodges, and for staying with local families. Some of the popular cities in Crimea include Balaklava, Sevastopol, and Yalta, each of which offers its own set of attractions, both historical and modern.

Balaklava, which is more well known for its military past and the important role it played during the Crimean War in the mid-nineteenth century, is growing in popularity among tourists for the picturesque beauty and its lovely resorts. Historical attractions in this city include a Genoese fortress, a German fortress, the Balaklava Naval Museum, and the once-secret Soviet submarine base. More history awaits visitors in the ruins and museums of Sevastopol as well as a cultural experience, especially for those travelers who take a bit of time to brush up on the local language.

Architectural attractions grace the landscape of Yalta, which has long been popular as a seaside getaway. Yalta is home to a smooth pebble beach and the Nikita Botanical Gardens, the world’s oldest operating garden of its kind, as well as Livadia Palace (a summer retreat for Tsar Nicholas II and his family) and Massandra Palace. While the city is a charming place to visit, its summer allure draws plenty of tourists, both local and foreign, meaning it can get quite crowded. If your heart is set on Yalta hotels in Crimea Ukraine, book well in advance.

Rural attractions on the Crimean Peninsula consist mainly of the charming landscapes of the area, but there are also examples of the historic architecture that has been preserved despite the region’s often tumultuous past. Set away from the main tourist sites, Khan’s Palace dates back to the mid-fifteenth century, when the Tatars ruled the land. Tours are offered only in Russian, but the beauty of the palace and grounds are worth a visit whether you know the language or not.

Even older, dating back to the sixth century, is the Chufat Kate Cave City. Although it was abandoned in the 1800s, the site still consists of a large number of homes which have been dug into the side of the cliff. Travelers interested in spending time outdoors while learning about history can also visit Bolshoi Canyon, known as Ukraine’s Grand Canyon and a great destination for hiking and swimming, and the Swallow’s Next, a lovely stone building that sits atop the Aurora Cliff overlooking the Black Sea.

From the coastal beaches to the craggy mountains to the flowing plains, the Crimean Peninsula is home to a wealth of treasures. If you’re planning a vacation in Ukraine, be sure to schedule a trip outside of Kiev to see one of the most scenic and historically fascinating parts of Eastern Europe.

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