Ukraine Cruises

Ukraine cruises offer travelers the chance to glide along the coastline of this lovely country both inland and out at sea, and in addition to touring Ukraine, visitors often have the opportunity to visit neighboring countries as well, depending on the ship’s itinerary. From a Ukraine river cruise to a cruise in the Black Sea, the main attraction of this method of touring Ukraine is the unique outlook of the scenery and life along the various coastal areas. A variety of sites and attractions await patrons of the cruises, from the Dnieper River island of Khortytsia to the charming coastal towns along the Crimean Peninsula.

Traversing the various waterways of Ukraine allows visitors to observe the cities and beautiful natural settings from an unusual point of view. There are a number of companies that offer a Ukraine river cruise, and each trip has its own appeal. The inland waterways cruises often follow a similar itinerary, generally departing from and returning to Kiev on the round trip. Each particular river cruise varies in length and destinations, but most range from twelve to fifteen days, and the most popular stops include Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye (where Khortytsia is located), Odessa on the Black Sea, and Sevastopol and Yalta on the Crimean Peninsula. A shorter river cruise may only include a few key destinations, while covering a shorter span of the country’s major waterway, the Dnieper River.

A cruise in the Black Sea is a popular way to tour the area, and even the inland waterway cruises often include a journey through the sea in addition to the river travel. In addition to beginning in Kiev, a popular option is an Odessa cruise, which stars in the country’s largest seaport, which is located on the Black Sea. A bonus of departing from Odessa is your cruise in the Black Sea can include a variety of destinations, including ports in neighboring countries such as Turkey, Romania, and Bulgaria. Ranging from a few days to two weeks or more, these cruises offer not only a series of gorgeous sightseeing opportunities in Ukraine, but also an entire cultural experience in a variety of countries.

Adding to the already delightful experience of cruising the waters of Ukraine are the various themes and excursions offered with each cruise. From culinary cruises to cultural experiences, the themed trips offer a more in-depth encounter with the local heritage and lifestyle of your destination than what you’d find on a standard cruise. In addition, you’ll never run out of things to do—on cruises that last for several days, visitors can often take advantage of a number of onboard amenities, including swimming pools, fitness centers, multiple restaurants, and entertaining shows. On-shore excursions allow travelers to explore various destinations along the way either on their own or as part of an organized group. The flexibility is a good option for anyone who wants the easy planning that comes with booking a cruise in Ukraine without having to spend all their time in large groups.

Whether you’re navigating the inland waterways on a Ukraine river cruise or floating across the Black Sea on an international ship, booking passage on one of the many Ukraine cruises will prove to be an unforgettable way to explore this part of Eastern Europe. Whether it’s your first trip to Ukraine or you’re making a repeat visit, consider booking a cruise to make sure your vacation is uniquely memorable.

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