Ukraine Hiking Tours

Ukraine hiking tours allow travelers to really experience the various landscapes that this lovely country has to offer, from the mountains to the coast. The Carpathians are an ideal place to go hiking in Ukraine, as they offer gentle slopes and are accessible from almost anywhere. In southern Ukraine, the Crimean Peninsula offers a variety of natural surroundings, from hills to sandy beaches to craggy cliffs, all for a breathtaking excursion along the cape.

Untouched and pristine, the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine are among the most untamed ranges in Europe, and as such, Carpathian hiking in Ukraine is among the most adventurous options for tours. While there are many trails and footpaths cutting through the forests and hills of the Carpathians, plenty are unmarked, so carrying proper equipment and traveling with a group or tour guide is an excellent decision, especially for the inexperienced adventurers.

In addition to the gorgeous natural setting offered by the mountains, hikers will likely come across local foresters, farmers, and shepherds who use the land, and often allow visitors the use of some facilities and water; however, it is wise to bring an ample supply of needs, such as food and water, as hoping to find a local is not as dependable as stocking your own provisions.

There are many regions to consider when planning a trekking tour in Ukraine, but the Crimean Peninsula is always popular. This area is one of the best places to find plenty of everything, from hills to the sea to historical attractions, such as Livadia Palace in Yalta, near the Black Sea. The Shatsk Lakes region and national park offers lush greenery, dozens of lakes, including the largest in the country, Lake Svityaz, and plenty of room for Ukraine hiking tours.

Farther inland, the rivers and waterways, including the longest and largest, Dnieper River, are home to a variety of natural surroundings where tourists and visitors can take an impromptu trekking tour in Ukraine. All of these places and more provide guests with a chance to get up close and personal with the nature of Ukraine for a splendid vacation experience.

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