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Ukraine hostels are a great low-cost alternative to hotels and guesthouses, and travelers on any budget can get comfortable accommodation at some of the best hostels in Ukraine. Many travelers are of the opinion that hostels are uncomfortable and offer minimum facilities, and while that may have been true in the past, it’s typically no longer the case. Today’s hostels, in Ukraine and around Eastern Europe, provide good facilities often on par with budget hotels, as well as an especially social atmosphere that’s perfect for meeting new friends and swapping tips with other travelers.

A youth hostel in Ukraine is one of the best options for budget accommodations in the country. The hostelling industry is newer to this part of the world, as Ukraine’s first youth hostels opened in 2003, after being built to compensate for the shortage of other hotels. A growing number of youth hostels are found in cities such as Kiev, Sevastopol, Chernivtsi, and Odessa, though the capital city has by far the greatest number.

All youth Ukraine hostels are managed by the Youth Hostel Association of Ukraine. The facilities offered are something in between a basic hostel and a regular hotel. These hostels are not only for young backpackers but also for tourists who look for a cheap accommodation in Ukraine. Kiev has many youth hostels that charge minimal rates per hostel bed, with extra fees for additional facilities. A typical Kiev hostel has a spacious apartment with four-bed or ten-bed dorms, in addition to private rooms. A number of Kiev hostels are managed by the TIU Company, which offers excellent hospitality and facilities on par with the nicer hostels in Western Europe.

Among the top youth hostels in Kiev, the TIU Kiev Backpackers Hostel is a popular place to stay because of its unique sauna facility. The hot sauna rooms offer a warm and comfortable experience to cope up with the cold climate outside the hostel. This Kiev hostel has a common room with modern amenities, including a plasma TV, wireless internet, a computer, and a surround-sound DVD player. The dorms have nice balconies with chairs to have a night-time view of the Kiev city center. The TIU Kiev Backpackers hostel is located close to the Kiev train station, which makes it easy to access. A bus shuttle is available from the metro station to the hostel free of charge.

The International Youth Hostel Kiev is also one of favored hostels frequented by backpackers and other tourists every year. It offers double and quadruple private rooms at the price of a 4-bed dorm. Located in downtown Kiev, behind the U.S. Consulate, this affordable and comfortable youth hostel in Ukraine offers continental breakfasts and delicious coffee for a small fee. This affordable Kiev hostel also offers free services including broadband and wireless internet. It also organizes excursions and tours around Ukraine, including Chernobyl, which is located in the abandoned city of Prypiat, near the border with Belarus.

Besides the best hostels in Kiev, there are many Ukraine hostels in Lviv, which is a beautiful city in western Ukraine, not far from Poland. The Retro Hostel Shevchenko is notable for its historic building. Occupying a part of a 200-year-old Austrian building, the hostel is named after Taras Shevchenko, one of Ukraine's most famous poets. The hostel's retro look appeals to travelers, who come here to enjoy a comfortable accommodation. Each room has a unique design and atmosphere and is equipped with internet access, fax, and meeting facilities. This option is terrific for those looking for a balance between a cheap youth hostel in Ukraine and having access to helpful amenities.

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