Khortytsia Island

Khortytsia Island, a large inland Dnieper River island, is located in the eastern region of Ukraine known as Zaporizhzhia Oblast, southeast of Kiev and west of Donetsk. Playing a significant role in the history of the country, this Dnieper River island still features a number of historical relics, which attract visitors who look forward to learning about the fascinating eras of history related to this destination. In addition to revealing a number of historical relics and ruins, Khortytsia Ukraine is also one of the stops of the various Dnieper River cruises, which are a popular and interesting way to travel around Ukraine. From the museums and historic sites to the breathtaking natural setting, Zaporizhzhia and its island are an essential stop if you’re looking for an off-the-beaten-path Ukraine vacation.

Located in the eastern portion of the country and encompassing both banks of the river, Zaporizhzhia gained its appropriate name from the surrounding landscape. When it was first established, the name was taken from the existing commander of the Russian Army, Prince Alexander Golitsyn—the city’s name was Aleksandrovsk. In later years, the municipality was renamed Zaporizhia because of the nearby rapids that preceded the city. The new name literally means “after the rapids.”

Although in the past it was chiefly an industrial metropolis, causing an abundance of pollution, the switch over to a market economy after the Soviet era has caused a change in the main income sources, as well as a change for the better for the environment and the educational system, which has since seen an influx of scholars. Originally founded as a Russian fort, Zaporizhzhia offers a number of opportunities for sightseeing, especially of the historical attractions, such as several forts, renowned to be nearly impregnable.

Facing the city, just across the river, is Khortytsia Island, which was also a strategic military base for several centuries and under several commands. After years of various uses, from a military base to a settlement for colonists to an industrial center, this Dnieper River island has now become a series of historical and cultural reserves. There are several festivals and fairs, such as the Cossack horse show, held on the island throughout the year, each attempting to revive the heritage of the societies that once peopled the town and surrounding land, and you can also visit the Zaporizhzhia Cossack Museum.

Visitors traveling from Kiev or any major port along the Dnieper River have the opportunity to book passage on one of the many vessels cruising along the waterway. Many of these cruises have an itinerary that includes stopping at the Khortytsia Island for a day trip and tour of the major sites. During certain times of the year, passengers can also attend the local festivals and fairs. Visiting Khortytsia Ukraine is a fascinating and pleasant experience, whether you enjoy the tales of history, the chance to mingle with locals, or simply a bit of entertainment. From the important industrial features still standing, such as the Dnieper Hydroelectric Station, to the historical ruins and relics, tourists will enjoy a charming vacation stop on a cruise or a trek across the country.

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