Kiev Ukraine

As the capital city, Kiev Ukraine attracts many visitors hoping to discover the many historical, artistic, and architectural attractions of the country. Founded more than 1,500 years ago, Kiev is now home to 2.8 million people, and travel to Kiev is known for a combination of a rich cultural life and historical attractions. Many travelers visit Ukraine on a larger tour of this area of Eastern Europe, often including stops in neighboring Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Belarus, and Russia. Rail transportation makes travel to Kiev easy, and flights to Ukraine are available as well. The city today is a thrilling combination of old and new that will keep any traveler entertained throughout their trip.

There are hotels in Kiev to suit every budget. For the luxury traveler, hotels will meet your expectations for comfort, amenities, location, and service. Chains such as the Hyatt and Radisson have hotels in Kiev, and there are many independently owned options as well. Standard and budget hotels often offer opportunities to see an authentic side to the culture, as you will likely encounter Ukrainians both operating and staying in these types of accommodations. Many hotels in Kiev include breakfast, and the breakfast room can be a great way to begin your day in Kiev by talking to fellow travelers and local people about attractions, restaurants, and neighborhoods to visit.

Kiev Ukraine is home to many historical attractions that are of interest to travelers. The architectural style mimics some of what you would see in Russia, and golden onion-shaped domes often adorn the top of churches and cathedrals. Arguably the greatest monument in Kiev is a complex of churches called Pecherska Lavra. Built almost nine centuries ago, it is also called the monastery of caves. St. Sophia Cathedral has thirteen golden domes that form a unique feature of the Kiev Ukraine skyline. The National Opera House and Mariinsky Palace are other popular attractions in the capital city.

An afternoon could easily be spent strolling this shopping street and enjoying the cafés. Another popular tourist attraction in Kyiv Ukraine, as the city is also known, is Independence Square. The city's main square served an important historical role as it was the place hunger strikes began in 1989 that ultimately led to the dissolution of the Communist Party in Ukraine. Another historical attraction dates back even further – the Golden Gate Kiev was built in the eleventh century, and it was part of the wall that defined the limits of the city and protected Kiev from invaders. Today, it is home to a historical museum.

If you travel to Kiev looking to shop, Andriyivsky Uzviz is the place to go for Ukrainian crafts and art. It is one of the most ancient-and steepest-streets in the city, and it is often the home to fairs and concerts. Public transportation in Kiev includes an underground metro, trolleys, buses, and trams. It is an easy and affordable way for travelers to explore the city. While history plays an important role in the city, travelers can also expect modern restaurants and nightclubs, meaning your trip to the capital of Ukraine is sure to be an interesting, authentic, and entertaining combination of new and old.

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