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Kiev tours are a great way for visitors to grasp an overall view and understanding of the capital city of Ukraine, from its earliest foundations to the grand cosmopolitan atmosphere it has today. Oftentimes, these tours are combined with other major cities in neighboring countries, such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. From a few hours to a few days, tours in Kiev offer a varied selection of itineraries and choices, allowing tourists to shape their desired city experience.

With a variety of options, Kiev tours range through a selection of activities, including bicycling, walking, and cruises. Many of the shorter excursions entail a simple Kiev walking tour, which allow tourists to see the beautiful architecture in Pechersk Lavra, among other destinations.

Longer tours combine transportation and accommodations for overnight excursions from Kiev, especially when the tour is combined with other sites and attractions around the country, such as Chernobyl or one of the enchanting waterway tours. Some of the tours in Kiev offer such themes as mystery, culture, and night tours, each providing a unique look at the heritage and life of the capital city.

Whether you are planning to visit for a day and in search of a straightforward Kiev walking tour, or staying for several days with a complete itinerary in mind for a thorough tour of the city, or are simply enjoying an excursion as part of a tour covering several cities and destinations, taking time to appreciate the unique history and heritage the capital city has to offer is certainly an essential part of every vacation in Ukraine. There are plenty of hotels in Kiev as well, so if you fall in love with the city, why not stay a while?

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