Lviv Ukraine

Lviv Ukraine is located in Western Ukraine and is a major culture center for this region. Visitors who travel to Lviv will find this vibrant city one of the most authentically Ukrainian cities to visit, as the tourist industry is not yet hyper-developed in Lviv. The historic old town in the center of the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the beautiful old Central European buildings evoke an old world charm. Visitors can travel to Lviv via the Lviv International Airport, located just a few miles from the town center, as well as via a well-connected railway network that links Lviv with other major cities such as Kiev and Odessa.

Getting around Lviv Ukraine isn't difficult due to a well-developed transportation system. Although the city lacks a Metro system, the public bus system is quite reliable. Small minibuses are the main transportation—they stop at bus stops as well as anywhere along the way. Electric trolleys and electric buses are also available. Keep in mind that most signs will be in Ukrainian, so brush up on your knowledge of the Cyrillic alphabet before attempting to navigate the streets.

Finding Lviv accommodation in the center of town will permit you to explore the city's most interesting area, the historic center, conveniently on foot. Not only does the town's historic district boast many restaurants and cafés, not to mention city squares where tourists can people-watch, it also contains a fascinating fusion of architectural styles. Drawing from its proximity to Poland, Italy, and Germany, the old-world architecture of Lviv Ukraine is an interesting blend of styles.

In and around the old city, visitors who travel to Lviv can see many old churches, many dating from as far back as the thirteenth century. Some old cathedrals that can be seen in the old town include the Dominican Church, which was founded by Dominican brothers in the thirteenth century and was built in its current Baroque incarnation in 1749. The Chapel of the Boim Family is a small edifice, but an impressive one, with the carved façade made entirely of black stone. It is located next to the Gothic Church of the Assumption, also known as the Latin Cathedral, which was founded by King Casimir III of Poland in 1360. Another prominent church is St. George's Cathedral, a baroque-rococo structure on top of a hill overlooking the old city.

Near the old town, visitors can also climb the hill of the Lviv High Castle, the highest point in the city. The castle that gave the hill its name stood there from the thirteenth through the nineteenth centuries but sadly is no longer standing. Nevertheless, you can get an exceptional view of the Old Town from the top of the hill, as well as some fresh air as you walk up to the observation platform.

If you're looking for some evening entertainment, consider booking tickets for an opera or ballet at the Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet in the center of the historic town. This impressive classically styled building opened in 1900 and was an engineering and architectural marvel in its day. A show at the Theatre is well worth it, if only to gaze at the astounding interior décor.

The best Lviv accommodation is located in the center of town close to the main tourist attractions. Several small and reasonably priced hotels in Lviv are located near the downtown center, and a new hostel scene is emerging, if you're looking for cheap Lviv accommodation. Meanwhile, one of the most luxurious and famous boutique hotels in the center of town is the Leopolis Hotel; this intimate hotel only has 40 guest rooms, but all come equipped with the latest in technology and comfort.

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