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Lviv hotels are numerous, as this western Ukrainian city receives many tourists each year. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Lviv is famous for its historic attractions, but it’s also known for its hospitality—every hotel welcomes tourists with warmth and a friendly approach, which makes this city a must for every tourist traveling to Eastern Europe. Some of the best hotels in Lviv are located in the city center, which makes it easy for tourists to access nearby city attractions and shopping malls on foot. Travelers can also rent private rooms for a very reasonable price and get a true flavor of the life in Lviv, but the Lviv hotels tend to rule the roost, particularly because they combine a friendly nature with a wide range of services.

A typical tourist-friendly Lviv Ukraine hotel offers excellent amenities and facilities to travelers and is located close to the best attractions in the city. The Hotel Leopolis (pictured) is a good example of facility-rich hotel that does provide easy access to some of the best historic spots in Lviv. Located in Teatralna Street, the hotel is a unique luxury accommodation option that suits both tourists and business travelers. The beautifully designed rooms provide a luxurious environment and a relaxed atmosphere and are on par with any modern-day boutique hotel. All 43 rooms have central heating, flat-screen televisions, and complimentary wireless internet. There are many architectural monuments located within walking distance from the hotel as well, such as the Latin Cathedral, Boirns Chapel, and Kampians Chapel.

Tourists looking for comfortable accommodation in Lviv at a good price should check out the At Burger Hotel. Situated on L Franka Street, this Lviv Ukraine hotel provides spacious soundproof rooms to guarantee a cozy stay. All rooms are equipped with modern amenities on par with any three- or four-star hotel in Ukraine, and there are many services provided by the hotel besides. These include interpreters, excursions to nearby theaters and museums, and assistance with logistics such as airplane reservations.

While At Burger is well known for its comfortable accommodation in Lviv and good facilities, the Lions Castle Hotel is famous for its ingenious architecture and hospitality. The Lions Castle is one of the most famous Lviv hotels in the city. The hotel occupies a nineteenth-century castle designed by architect Arthur Schlein. The castle was built in 1898 and had members of the Polish and Austrian-Hungarian elite as its owners. It was converted to a comfortable hotel in 1991, after Ukraine gained independence from the Soviet Union. The standard rooms of the Lions Castle hotel are a nice blend of traditional and modern amenities; these pentagonal rooms are equipped with hand-crafted crystal lamps, Wi-Fi, cable TV, and exquisite ivory-colored wooden furniture that exude a historical aspect of the hotel. This splendid Lviv Ukraine hotel has only fourteen rooms, however, so if your heart is set on it, book ahead.

Travelers looking for a cheap Lviv Ukraine hostel will surely consider staying at the Mister. Located in the heart of the city center, the hostel offers easy access to the best historic sites of the city, including the beautiful eighteenth-century clock tower, the magnificent city hall, and several fifteenth-century homes. Travelers can also easily reach the city's main square, the Rynok Square, from the hostel. Guests looking for a budget accommodation in Lviv will appreciate the communal kitchen, which lets travelers prepare their own meals to save money on dining. The Mister Hostel has only nineteen guest rooms—all are dorm-style rooms with either four or six beds in each room. The hostel does not offer any additional amenities beyond complimentary tea and coffee, a laundry room, and luggage storage.

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