Ukraine Museums

Ukraine museums stretch over a broad spectrum of topics, from culture to history to a variety of art forms. With a wide array of museums around the country, it’s nearly impossible to choose the best museum in Ukraine. However, there are several significant sites that are worth noting for anyone planning a vacation in Ukraine. A few of the Ukraine museums worth adding to your itinerary include the National Kiev Pechersk Lavra History and Cultural Preserve (including the cave monasteries that are among the Seven Wonders of Ukraine), the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine in Pirogova, and the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

One of the most renowned attractions in Kiev is the National Kiev Pechersk Lavra Preserve, which comprises more than 100 monuments and museums spanning the centuries, beginning with the monastery’s founding in the eleventh century and stretching into the twentieth. One of the most intriguing facts about the Monastery of the Caves is its humble beginnings in the caves upon which the existing monastery stands. This Kiev museum and monumental attraction requires an entire day to completely experience the vast collection and appreciate the beautiful architecture.

Just south of Kiev is the village of Pirogova, the home of one of the largest outdoor museums in the world, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life of Ukraine. This site features a number of traditional buildings disassembled and transported from various parts of the country and reconstructed on this site in Pirogova. Set amid some of the most beautiful countryside in Ukraine, the museum showcases four large wooden windmills, surrounded by several houses, churches, and agricultural buildings. Inside each building, relevant artifacts are kept on display.

Also nearby Kiev is the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War, which honors the soldiers who fought in World War II. Set upon a hill overlooking the Dnieper River and the city of Kiev, the complex features a number of memorials as well as war equipment used in a number of battles. Some of the relics kept at this Kiev museum include submarines, tanks, and planes. In addition to paying homage to the sacrifices of WWII, the complex hosts a number of special events, from flower shows to concerts.

Other fascinating and important museums come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and purposes, such as the Museum of Historic Treasures of Ukraine, bearing precious stone and metal objects from the past; the National Museum of Arts of Ukraine, featuring art dating back to the twelfth century; the Pysanka Museum, the largest Easter egg with the largest painted egg collection; and of course, the National History Museum of Ukraine, where one can learn about significant times in Ukrainian history.

Whether you visit just one Kiev museum or try to fit in as many Ukraine museums as possible during your trip, you’re sure to find these sites to be both fascinating and affecting. Each offers a unique perspective on Ukrainian history and culture, from the underground caves to the war memorials. Ukraine is a wonderful destination for its beaches and scenery in the Carpathians, but adding visits to historic sites and museums such as Livadia Palace is the perfect way to enrich your trip.

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