Black Sea in Ukraine

The Black Sea in Ukraine is the largest body of water that touches the country, but there are many other waterways, seas, and lakes that dot the landscape as well, including the Sea of Azov, Dnieper River, and the Shatsk Lakes. Each of the coastal areas, from river to sea, offers a variety of attractions for tourist, such as breathtaking views, beautiful hiking trails, and plenty of resorts and spas. Whether you plan to visit several or just one of the coastal destinations of Ukraine, paying a visit to the rivers and seas of the country is a terrific way to spend your vacation, particularly if you plan to take a cruise.

Many of top coastal destinations can be found on the Black Sea in Ukraine. With the exception of Odessa, the country’s largest seaport and which rivals the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Kiev, they’re mostly on the Crimean Peninsula. The Crimea offers a diverse climate and landscape where visitors can enjoy a variety of beaches, both sandy and pebbled, as well as several resorts, spas, and beautiful historic attractions such as Livadia Palace. The eastern shores of the Crimean Peninsula facing the Black Sea in Ukraine offer a selection of more secluded beaches and resorts as opposed to the more popular western side of the peninsula.

On the shores of the Sea of Azov, travelers plenty of beaches that are more peaceful and secluded than those along the Black Sea. Also bordering the Crimean Peninsula, the Sea of Azov is connected to the Black Sea by way of the Straight of Kerch. Those who travel to the Sea of Azov in Ukraine will find an unadulterated natural setting in most areas, as well as a number of simple guesthouses and other accommodations.

The Dnieper River is the largest and longest river in Ukraine, offering several attractions along its winding path, including the capital city of Kiev, and the island of Khortytsia. Many of the river tours and cruise lines depart from Kiev, as it is the largest river port in the country, and navigating the Dnieper River, visitors will have a chance to catch an overall glimpse of the country’s timeless beauty as well as examples of different periods in the country’s fascinating history. Also among the many tributaries and rivers of Ukraine is the Buh River, which is also known as the Western Bug; it forms part of the border between Ukraine and Poland. The rich natural areas surrounding the Buh are excellent places for adventurers to wander through the lovely native flora.

Shatsk National Nature Park, one of the largest lake reserves in Europe, is located in northwestern Ukraine. Here, travelers will find the biggest lake in Ukraine, Lake Svityaz, as well as 22 other lakes, where tons of natural beauty and a variety of activities, from swimming to hiking to boating to hiking, await visitors. From the Black Sea coast to the Sea of Azov to the Dnieper River, the rivers and seas of Ukraine are a unique attraction and a great way to travel through the country and experience its different cities and towns.

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