Sevastopol Ukraine

Sevastopol Ukraine is a port city on the Black Sea on the Crimean peninsula in the south of Ukraine. For hundreds of years, Sevastopol was a Russian stronghold and maintained a fleet of Russian ships in the Black Sea. For visitors wishing to travel to the Crimea it is one of the prime attractions, in addition to cities such as Yalta, not only as a popular seaside resort town but also as the location of the famous Siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean War. Other famous sites of the Crimean War are close at hand, including the nearby city of Balaklava Ukraine, as well as the so-called Valley of Death where the famous "Charge of the Light Brigade,” memorialized in Tennyson’s famous poem, occurred.

Sevastopol Ukraine was a closed city during the Soviet years, and residents still maintain close links to Russia, many of them speaking Russian as their primary language. Some of Sevastopol's Soviet heritage can be glimpsed at the Black Sea Fleet Museum, one of the most popular museums of Sevastopol travel. The Neo-Classical building is a beauty unto itself, with Greek columns and elaborate décor on the outside, and houses naval artifacts from Sevastopol's defense from the mid-1800s to the Soviet Era. You can also see the large Lenin statue, supported by statues of peasants and workers, on the main street of Ul. Sovietska.

Another popular stop for travel to the Crimea is the Museum of the Panorama, an excellent place to learn more about Ukrainian history such as the Crimean War and the Siege of Sevastopol. The huge round domed building contains the Panorama, a huge painting of the Siege that covers about 21,500 square feet of canvas. The Panorama was damaged during World War II but has been painstakingly restored, and it serves as an awe-inspiring backdrop for various artifacts and exhibits from the Crimean War. The Panorama Museum is a highlight of Sevastopol travel for any who want to learn about the war. Down in the Sevastopol Bay, you can also visit the Monument to the Scuttled Ships, which commemorates the fifteen ships of the Black Sea Fleet that were deliberately sunk to prevent their capture by the British Navy in the Crimean War.

One of the most fascinating attractions of travel to the Crimea is the archaeological site at Chersonesos. This ancient Greek colony was founded in the sixth century B.C., and is known as Ukraine's Pompeii. It survived until its sacking in the fourteenth century by the Golden Horde, led by Genghis Khan's grandson, Nogai Khan. Today tourists to Sevastopol Ukraine can see hundreds of meters of its defensive wall that remains, as well as an amphitheatre, a Greek temple, and various buildings from Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods. Chersonesos is located on the outskirts of Sevastopol, and located close to the Byzantine styled St. Vladimir Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox Church.

In addition to archaeological and historical sights, Sevastopol travel is also popular as a seaside resort, especially among tourists from the former Soviet states. There is a nice white sand beach down by the waterfront, with a promenade where you can eat and drink in the cafés and restaurants as well as watch the people go by. The downtown area is pleasant for its tree-lined boulevards and shopping streets, and the Central Hill is a beautiful place for an afternoon walk under the chestnut trees.

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