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Simferopol hotels are the perfect place to relax if you’re planning a trip to the Crimea. It’s a beautiful holiday destination in southern Ukraine; Crimea is an autonomous republic of Ukraine, and as Simferopol is its capital, it’s a lovely and cosmopolitan destination. The Crimean peninsula is a diamond-shaped stretch of land on the northern coast of the Black Sea, and it’s been a popular tourist destination for centuries, which explains why there is such a good variety of delightful Crimea hotels in Simferopol and other cities, such as Yalta.

A perk of this appealing seaside destination is that most hotels in the Crimean capital are affordable and within the budget of an average traveler. The city not only attracts tourists, but also appeals to a large number of business class travelers, meaning the amenities are reliably good. Besides hotels, there are apartments for a comfortable stay as well. A luxury apartment in Simferopol typically costs between 40 and 60 USD per night. Renting a luxury apartment can be quite an affordable Simferopol accommodation option, particularly as it allows you to save on dining out by preparing some of your own meals.

During the mid-1800s, there were only two Simferopol hotels, the Afinskaya and the Odesskaya, but today there is a wide variety of cheap and mid-range hotels in the city. Most of the finest Simferopol hotels offer excellent services and amenities, restaurants, and excursions throughout the city. Those who are on a budget and are looking for cheap Crimea hotels will find their preferred accommodation options within the capital city, rather than at resort destinations.

With cozy rooms, basic amenities, and reasonable prices, the Moscow Hotel perfectly matches the preferences of the budget traveler. Located near the historic Scythian Neapolis, the 3-star hotel offers double, single, and deluxe rooms equipped with telephones and television sets. The hotel also organizes excursions to various famous Crimean palaces, including the Khans Palace, Livadia Palace, and the Massandra Palace.

The Ukraina Hotel offers excellent Simferopol accommodation options to those who are searching for a comfortable but cheap hotel in the Crimea. The hotel has 127 rooms equipped with reliable standard amenities, and it’s a great choice for couples seeking a romantic budget getaway. The mini-restaurants provide a nice romantic ambience for couples, serving elegant traditional Ukrainian food and international dishes as well as splendid cocktails. Some common amenities, such as the mini-bar and the mini-safe, require additional fees, which may not suit some travelers owing to the fact that most Crimea hotels have these amenities included in the room price.

If you’re looking for a higher-end hotel with more amenities included in the price of your room, the Imperial Hotel on Kievskaya Street is an excellent choice. It offers excellent amenities, including mini-safe, refrigerator, and shower cabins with hydro-massage. This hotel is in a quiet area of town, but it’s still an easy walk from the city center, making this a great place to stay if you’d like to enjoy the area nightlife but not be too close to the party.

A hostel is also a very good alternative for a traveler who is looking for a comfortable and cheap Simferopol accommodation option. The Simferopol Crimea Travelers Hostel (pictured) offers terrific lodging for anyone traveling in the Crimea on a budget and looking to meet other travelers. It offers internet access in all rooms and provides the low-priced excursions to cities around the Crimea—something that tourists new to the area love to add to their itineraries. Located on Tamanskaya Street, the hostel is also an easy walk from plenty of interesting things to do.

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