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Ukraine skiing is popular among both tourists and locals, and though it’s not the most well-known ski destination in Europe, there are still terrific places to go, such as Slavske. The Carpathian Mountains are the most popular area for ski resorts in Ukraine, but there are also several areas for skiing on the Crimean Peninsula—it’s not just known for its beaches. For a luxurious trip, skiers can make reservations at the beautiful Bukovel Resort, while if you’re interested in challenging trails, consider Drahobrat, which has very demanding slopes. Adventurers and low-key vacationers alike can find something to suit them if they’re looking to go skiing in Ukraine.

Bukovel, located in the Carpathians, is Ukraine’s largest and most well-developed ski resort. If you don’t like roughing it, consider booking your room here. With a magical setting and plenty of amenities at any accommodations in the area, visitors will have access to modern facilities, a variety of lodgings, and incredible scenery, all making for one of the best Ukraine ski vacations. Travelers can make reservations at Bukovel with ski holiday packages for an all-inclusive vacation. In addition to simply taking a ski trip, this ski resort offers a number of other types of entertainment, including night skiing, a fitness center, local bars known as Kolybas, restaurants and eateries, and even a dance club.

With a railway running directly from Kiev with a stop right at the ski slopes, Slavske was once the most popularly visited ski resort in Ukraine during the Soviet Era and remains among the most frequented today. Travelers have been disappointed some in recent years by the varying standards when it comes to keeping up the facilities and accommodations, which is likely due to the absence of a central operation of the slopes and resort area. However, if you’re looking for a beautiful place to ski in the eastern Carpathians and don’t care about staying in the lap of luxury, Slavske is a fine choice.

At an elevation of more than 4,260 feet, the highest slopes in Ukraine can be found Drahobrat, also spelled Dragobrat. Because of the largely untouched landscapes, this ski area is a favorite for many of those who prefer solitude and pristine slopes. Accommodations here range from small inns to hotels and are somewhat limited in amenities; many visitors choose to pack food and other necessities before arriving, as transportation and facilities on the ski slopes are limited. However, this destination isn’t lacking—the seclusion and great distance from civilization are part of the draw. Do plan to stay for a few days, however, as transportation into Drahobrat can be time-consuming.

Most of the ski resorts and areas are located in the Carpathian Mountains, the highest range in the country; however, Crimea offers a few slopes, which are popular mostly among locals. Crimean ski areas include Angarskyy Pass, Ay-Petri (often considered the area’s best), and Chatyrdag Plateau. The tradition of skiing in Ukraine is a relatively new concept compared to the thoroughly developed ski resorts and slopes in Europe and other parts of the world. While the industry is continuously growing and developing to match standards, the rates for the Ukraine skiing and resorts remain quite low, because most of the slope areas are still undeveloped, making a winter ski vacation in the mountains quite an affordable option. Ukraine skiing may not be the most luxurious way to ski in Europe, but it offers an amazing vacation within reach of most travelers’ budgets.

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