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Ukraine vacations can be filled with history, culture, natural beauty, and tons of adventure. This Eastern European destination may not be the best known tourist destination in the region, but its beautiful countryside, from the Carpathian Mountains to the Crimean Peninsula, makes Ukraine holidays an excellent choice for anyone seeking a vacation that’s off the beaten track. Before making any reservations, be sure to check on any visa requirements and domestic travel arrangements so you can decide whether to book a rental car or buy a train ticket, for interest. If you’d like to leave the planning to someone else, there are plenty of vacation packages to Ukraine, which allow visitors to enjoy a stress-free travel experience and focus on the attractions they want to see.

Even if the tourist industry is still growing, there are still endless things to do and see during Ukraine holidays. From palaces to ruins to museums to a splendid array of natural surroundings, sightseeing in Ukraine is almost limitless. Some of the most popular historic sites include the Romanovs’ Livadia Palace, the Swallow’s Nest chateaux built on the edge of the cliffs near Yalta, and Kamianets Podilskyi castle, featured as one of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine. Genoese fortresses are among some of the popular coastal attractions on the Crimean Peninsula.

For travelers who want their Ukraine vacations to center on history, many of the country’s museums offer a variety of unique experiences as well as educational and informative value; home to one of the largest collections of museums and monuments in Ukraine, the Kiev Pechersk Lavra preserve features an underground system of caves used by the order of monks that established the monastery there. The village of Pirogova is the largest outdoor museum in Ukraine and one of the largest in the world, while the Pysanka Museum, dedicated entirely to painted Easter eggs, has an entrance shaped like a giant painted egg.

Vacationers can often find Ukraine travel deals on search engines that offer last minute, early bird, or holiday specials. As the country has an array of activities to try throughout the year, from skiing to relaxing on the beaches, Ukraine vacations can be taken year round; it just depends on when you want to go. Reserving vacation packages to Ukraine is a great way to avoid the hassle of booking accommodation, transportation, activities, and tours separately. From simply reserving flights and lodgings to creating an entire vacation experience, complete with river tours, walking tours, and an ample supply of assorted activities, vacation packages can be tailored to fit almost any traveler.

When entering another country, visitors must look into requirements for entry, such as visas and customs. Ukraine holds no requirement for a tourist visa from a good deal of countries for a stay that lasts no longer than 90 days; longer than this time will require some type of visa for visitors from any country, depending on the reason for your stay. Removing historical items is strictly forbidden. From the variety of historical sites to the grand monuments and museums to the revitalizing health resorts, Ukraine holidays offer a wealth of pleasing things to do as well as a unique insight into a growing culture emerging into the modern world. If you’re interested in trying something new on your next trip, look into the variety of vacation packages to Ukraine and start planning the perfect getaway.

Ukraine Vacation Rentals

Ukraine Vacation Rentals
Ukraine Vacation Rentals

Ukraine vacation rentals offer an alternative that is often less expensive and better equipped than anything but the most expensive hotels, and as an added bonus, they provide a home away from home during your trip. There are different types of rentals available as well, depending on where you are. Apartment and villa rentals are predominantly found in the larger cities, like Kiev and Odessa; however, visitors can find an array of holiday villas in Ukraine spread throughout the country, particularly in the lovely coastal areas. From full-service to the self-service, a Ukraine holiday rental provides guests with an abundance of freedom, plenty of amenities, and a great place to stay for extended vacations.

In Kiev and Odessa, two of the most popular tourist destinations in Ukraine, visitors will find an abundance of apartments, both private and commercially owned, and usually available for rent for any length of time. Oftentimes, these Odessa and Kiev vacation rentals are fully serviced with basic amenities that grow in number as the apartment rental becomes more luxurious and its price increases. Location and price are often key factors when considering any lodging for a vacation, and this is no exception when it comes to deciding on a vacation rentals or holiday villas in Ukraine. When conducting a thorough search, visitors will see that prices tend to increase as the locations become centralized. Finding a Ukraine holiday rental near a train or bus station or that offers some type of transportation or shuttle into the city center is often a good alternative to the pricier central accommodations.

Sevastopol, Yalta, and other towns on the Crimean Peninsula are a great place to gain a unique perspective of living locally by leasing or reserving a Ukraine holiday rental or residence in the area. With a simple array of furnishings and facilities, these Ukraine vacation rentals typically have lower prices than the mainstream areas for resorts, where tourists gather in larger numbers. Here, along the coastal regions, the views and atmosphere are an added bonus for renting apartments or villas overlooking the Black Sea. In the less frequented areas, travelers can also find small cottages and private homes or rooms for let; this allows for a much more intimate experience with the country’s culture, environment, and charm.

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