Stanneylands Hotel, Macclesfield

Stanneylands Hotel

Stanneylands Road

We are delighted to extend a very warm welcome to the unique and special atmosphere of Stanneylands. Trying to pinpoint just what makes Stanneylands so different is difficult. It may be that, in an age of large impersonal hotels, guests enjoy staying in a truly comfortable hotel that is owned and managed by a dedicated family. It may be the delightful surroundings, comfortable elegant rooms, the tranquility of the gardens, the outstanding standards of the cuisine and all are very important factors to a discerning and international clientele. But perhaps, the most important element is one appreciated by the many guests who return time and again for either business or just pleasure, and remind me that their stay at Stanneylands was made so special by the welcome they received and the caring, considerate attitude that prevails throughout the hotel. I look forward to extending that warm welcome to you.