Google is almost unmatched among the world's companies when it comes to employee and customer satisfaction. Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, are keen on maintaining a friendly Google corporate culture where the motto is "Don't Be Evil". The company consistently ranks as one of the top places to work in the United States, and as Sergey Brin's father Michael puts it, "Google has saved more time for more people than anything else in the world." Chances are that you remember the first time that you heard the word "Google". It's now a part of everyday parlance. And, it's just as likely that your first experience with the original Google server quickly developed into an inseparable relationship that continues to this day. Google is a most intriguing American business story, displaying the kind of success that can be achieved when you mix a little hard work and ingenuity together.

Ever since Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google in a Menlo Park, California garage, the company has seemed destined to succeed. Today, it's the largest media company in the world, and it's stock prices reflect the company's distinguished status. In fact, Google is so big these days, that McDonald's, Disney and General Motors combined can't compete with its size. Larry Page and Sergey Brin first met in 1995 at Stanford University, and the two immediately hit it off, you could say. Both accomplished academics, they shared an interest in computer science. By 1996, the pair was well on its way to conceptualizing the original Google server. Larry and Sergey were interested in the idea of linking web pages together, and they were also implementing a way to rank each respective web page. Linking pages together would mean that you could find information more quickly on the internet, and ranking pages would give insight into their general relevance.

Larry Page and Sergey Brin immediately began to shop their ideas around, but investors were slow to catch on. Finally, after a humble beginning, the two received their first significant investment from a cofounder of Sun Microsystems. The rest, as they might say, is history. On April 29, 2004, Google became the talk of the business world. It had filed the necessary paperwork, and was ready to offer its first public stock offering. The first day of trading for Google stock occurred on August 16, 2004, and the profits were significant. By November of 2007, Google stock had soared to over $500 per share. That's a number not often seen in the stock market, and today, Larry Page and Sergey Brin are each worth billions of dollars. Google headquarters is found at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, in Mountain View, California. The city of Mountain View is just south of Palo Alto, and north of San Jose. The company has several corporate offices spread about the United States, and it maintains plenty of international offices as well. One thing that is a constant at all their offices is the Google corporate culture. Employees of Google are all made to feel important, and they usually all wear a number of different hats.

Though the Google offices found at the headquarters might be a bit more "decked out", all Google offices feature a list of standard characteristics. The lobbies of their offices tend to exhibit a bit of a swanky decor, while hallways are often littered with things like exercise balls and company press clippings. Many Google workers share working spaces that are complete with couches where fresh ideas can be conjured up. A big part of Google corporate culture is how employees are definitely made to feel valued. Google employees enjoy three complimentary meals a day, and generally, these are enjoyed in the Google Café, which is found at every one of the company's offices. Should you be a Google worker with a recent addition to the family, the company will arrange to send you complimentary home food delivery. New mothers will also find that each office features designated nursing spaces, and Google even offers its workers free, on-site medical care. A quick examination of Google corporate culture is enough to make you understand why Fortune magazine recently named Google the country's top place to work.

Google has certainly added to its original Google server, now offering things like Google pictures and images and Gmail. With Google pictures, you can get satellite images of locations around the globe that allow you to zoom in and out. Another Google pictures feature allows you to pull up an array of images that are associated with the words you put in the search box. If you are curious as to the colorful clothing of the Kuna Indians of Panama or Galapagos animals, for instance, you can immediately find scores of relevant photos when searching with the Google pictures and images search engine. Google parent Alphabet Inc. is now the world’s most valuable company. Google has also made moves to join the world's push towards a more "Green" world environment. Google Green is just a part of the overall Google corporate culture, and the company even features the country's largest commercial solar energy plan. Local farmers definitely appreciate the fact that Google often looks to them to supplement their cafeteria food, and throughout Google offices, things like sofas and carpet are made without PVC.

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