Linking to Destination360

Website Linking Policy
The following is provided as a guideline for websites wanting to
link to Destination360.
Any websites linking to Destination360 will not :

Promote sexually explicit materials
Promote violence of any kind
Promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion,
nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age
Promote any illegal activities
Violate intellectual property rights

Links on your site
Your site may include one or more of the following types of links to our site:

Internal destination links:
You may link any destination that bears the logo and copyright of Destination360. Under no circumstances may a website link directly to content such as 360 virtual tours, images, or full screen 360 views.

Link to homepage:

You may provide a link on your site to our homepage at Below is artwork to use in linking
to our homepage.

How to Link to Us
To place a graphic on your web site, copy and paste this HTML:

<a href="">
<img src="http://www." alt=""></a>

And change IMAGENAME to the name of the image you select from the list below:

If you're looking for a description to include with your link,
here's how we usually describe ourselves:

" travel guides feature virtual tours, travel information, and trip planning."

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