Israel is underpinned by a strong ethnic heritage, rich history, and modern cosmopolitan cities, but it's also full of passionate people, ancient religious sites, booming nightlife, and busy markets. Geographically diverse and packed with biblical relics there is no escaping the Culture of Israel.

In the north, Haifa, Israel’s third largest city is set amongst a breathtaking panorama of the medieval fortress of Acre, Mount Carmel, and the snow capped peak of Mount Hermon. Haifa is the gateway to northern Israel, cool mountain breezes, sunny beaches, and deep forest trails. Heavy mixes of ethnic groups make it a vibrant and bustling place to visit. Mount Carmel National Park has many observation points and hiking trails affording magnificent views for a scenic picnic. Haifa bristles with museums including the Hecht Museum which showcases rare archaeological finds. A local Druze village provides a lesson in the traditional culture of Israel.

From Haifa tourists should not miss the sandstone walls and fortresses of the UNESCO world heritage city of Acre. Packed with ancient Ottoman and Crusader history, Acre is fascinating. There are Turkish baths, Christian monasteries, Islamic mosques, and halls built by the Knights Templar. There are also inviting beaches and a busy fishing port. The city celebrates its strong cultural heritage with a number of annual festivals. Walking along the city walls at sunset, picking up a bargain in busy open air markets or exploring ancient alleyways, Acre charms many tourists.

Visitors to Galilee are confronted by contrasting sceneries of mountains, valleys and a shimmering Mediterranean Sea. Galilee is an accessible destination from which to visit major attractions all over Israel. An increasingly popular place for Eco Israel tours, the Galilee Mountains are famed for the birthplace of the Kabala and attract spiritual Israel tourism to the area.

The southern city of Eilat meanwhile offers fantastic scuba diving and is a great choice for a water sport enthused Israel vacation. The year round warm crystal clear waters are a haven for marine life. Teeming coral reefs and long hot summer days sustain many species of fish, providing world class diving at around 20 dive sites. The summer months see a boom in Israel tourism as Israelis flock to the city.

With a swath of Mediterranean Sea coastline, an Israel vacation will inevitably center on a beach. Boasting some exceptionally sunny weather, Israel travel is a favorite among beach lovers the world over. There is definitely a beach scene around coastal towns as scores of young Israelis come to soak up the sun by day and groove to techno music by night. Most beach enclaves have a real hippy vibe. Eilat boasts some particularly good sandy beaches. The popular and bustling central Papaya beach attracts partying teenagers. Nikki Beach meanwhile lures young and professional crowds to beach side VIP bars to sip fashionable cocktails.

Tel Aviv is also a city with a number of lively beaches. While Gordon beach is the busiest courtesy of its central location, Nine beach has a distinct sub culture scene luring many an aspiring surfer to its breaks. Seemingly made up of bars, clubs, restaurants and 24 hour cafes Tel Aviv is a mega hub of nightlife activity. The hip neighborhoods of Florentin and Yad Haruzim and the city port present the best night spots for both trendy locals and tourists alike.

Sitting aside or floating in the Dead Sea on an Israel vacation can be a healthy and relaxing experience. The Dead Sea is famous for its rich mineral content and remains a world renowned place to rejuvenate body and soul with a mud bath and spa treatment. The Dead Sea resorts are a major hub for Israel tourism. There are a number of hotels and guest houses organized around beaches and bathing areas providing convenient access to the waters. Local Israel tours offering jeep and bicycle tours complement the many art and cultural activities also on offer.

Jerusalem is a must for any visitor. The capital of Israel and sacred to three religions, it has been fought over for centuries. Muslims, Jews and Christians intermingle in the bustling markets as prayer calls ring out over the city. A hub for Israel tours, the Western Wall still remains of what was once the temple of Solomon. Many of Jewish faith come here to pray. Israel tours to the golden topped Dome of the Rock situated on Temple Mount which dominates the view of Jerusalem provides a fine example of Islamic architecture.

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