Acre Israel

Acre Israel, also called Akko in Hebrew, is one of the oldest cities in the country, residing in the northern region, about 10 miles north of Haifa, at the northernmost location of Haifa Bay.



Among the oldest inhabited areas in Israel, Acre extends into antiquity, with the earliest possible written references dated at around the 16th century BC. Letters and Biblical allusions indicate population and the existence of a civilization called Akko in later centuries. During the occupation of Alexander the Great, the name of the city was changed to Antiochia Ptolemais, and after the division of the empire, Ptolemy Soter shortened the name to Ptolemais. In the following several eras, into the 4th century AD, rule of the region switched hands between the Greeks, Romans, and ancient Egyptians. A barrage of tumultuous crusades and invasions by the Muslim and Christian armies led to a dilapidation of the city, leaving it in ruins, though it remained in use for its useful port. After the capture of the Ottomans, the city nearly fell into a complete decay. The end of the 18th century saw a revival of Acre Israel under the rule of a local sheikh, Dhaher al-Omar, and Napoleon’s attempts at capture were rebuffed. During World War I, the British occupied the region, and their mandate lasted for several decades, until Acre was captured by Israel once again in 1948, where it remains today.



Acre Old City has been allocated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and after renovations, there are a variety of popular and must see attractions that weave a tale of the past, including the City Walls, Jezzar Pasha Mosque, Hamam al-Basha, Knight’s Halls, the Citadel of Acre, and Baha’I holy places.

Acre Hotels & Lodging

Whether you are traveling on a budget or have the funds to splurge, Acre Israel offers several options for accommodations, such as Walid’s Gate Hostel, which can be a bit of ‘roughing it’ but is said to be worth the experience, The Acco Guest House of Zippi, a family owned budget hotel, Akkotel, a refurbished boutique hotel, and Palm Beach Hotel, a modern spa hotel on the coast of Israel.

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