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Israel welcomes hundreds of visitors each day, and while there are a number of different ways to get into the country, most visitors book Israel flights through the Ben-Gurion International Airport, which services most of the major airlines coming and going. If you are planning to take airlines to Israel, you have a couple of options on how to get to the rest of the country. Ovda International Airport services flights to the southern part of the country, particularly Eilat, Israel’s Red Sea portal, but Tel Aviv flights are the most popular and numerous, making them somewhat cheaper than those flights into Ovda.

Travelers bound for a single destination can take a bus from Ben-Gurion to Jerusalem if that is their journey’s end, or they can take the Tel Aviv train to most other parts of the country. Another option for traipsing about the country is to rent a car, which is great for the freedom and independence of touring at your own pace. Travelers planning Israel flights can save big bucks by searching for cheap flights to Tel Aviv, such as those which are outside the peak travel season or part of vacation packages.

When searching for Israel flights, it is important to know which part of the country you plan to visit during your vacation. If you are planning a cross-country journey, it may be wise to book two separate one-way flights, arriving in one city and departing from another. However, if that isn't an option, booking passage by train or car over the countryside and back can prove to be quite an adventure that will provide lasting memories.

Most travelers reserve Tel Aviv flights, as the major activities and attractions are based in the northern part of the country. Tel Aviv offers plenty of entertainment in the confines of its large city as well as a fun day—or two—at the Mediterranean beaches that line the shores. Other places to visit in and around the city include Jaffa, an ancient port city that has over time become encompassed by Tel Aviv, and many museums and festivals. One particularly interesting event, called the Night Flea, occurs in August; this flea market features special exhibitions, shows, and events, and it stays active throughout the night.

Booking one of the airlines to Israel through the Ovda International Airport is a great idea for those who are planning to visit the southern part of Israel. The Negev Desert constitutes most of the southern part of the country with sparse cities here and there; however, Eilat is a major tourist attraction at the extreme southern tip of Israel, located on the shores of the Gulf of Eilat (also called the Gulf of Aqaba), which is part of the Red Sea. Interestingly enough, it's such an alluring destination that the tourist population of Eilat outnumbers the local Israeli population.

Transportation within the country is another consideration to keep in mind when planning a trip to Israel. There are several ways to get around once you reach your destination. If you are planning to stay within a particular city, it is quite feasible to walk, bike, or take a taxi or bus to any of the nearby attractions. Those planning a trip to several destinations in Israel may want to consider booking a rental car.

Many travelers book flights to their destination before making plans for the itinerary of their trip, but in most cases, it is wise to plan the overall itinerary before making any reservations. Using an airfare search engine is probably the best way to find airlines to Israel, and on the same note, Tel Aviv flights are remain the least expensive due to their abundance and popularity. Knowing that transportation is readily available within the country helps to put the mind at ease if plans change and domestic travel becomes necessary. However you fly to Israel, you're bound to have a memorable vacation and an unforgettable spiritual journey.


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