Israel Airports

Israel airports are located in many cities around the country, and most visitors arrive by air as international flights are one of the simplest ways to get here. Vacation packages and independent tickets typically will have travelers arriving at an international airport such as Ben Gurion Airport or Ovda, depending on which part of Israel you plan to spend your vacation in. Transportation from the airports to destinations nearby is available by train, taxi, or rental car, and shuttle transportation to and from the airport is an option with some package deals.

Ben Gurion Airport handles the greater Tel Aviv area and is approximately a twenty-minute drive from Tel Aviv and a 40-minute drive from Jerusalem by car. Tourists who are not planning to rent a car and would rather save money on a taxi may opt to use Israel Railways to travel from the airport to Tel Aviv, a ride that takes just eleven minutes. The terminal at Ben Gurion Airport, which is the main entry point for most visitors to Israel, is the largest in the Middle East and provides modern facilities and superior services along with strict security. Immigration can be time-consuming for travelers to Israel, particularly if you have been to any Arab countries en route, and be sure to arrive at the airport at least three hours before your departing flight to ensure that you make it on time.

Ovda International, a former military base, is another of the Israel airports that travelers might encounter. It primarily serves that serves southern Israel and the area around Eilat, so if you are planning to spend your vacation diving in the Red Sea, you’re likely to arrive via this airport. As a secondary airport to accommodate planes too large to land at the smaller domestic airports and landing strips, Ovda provides connecting commercial flights to tourists. There is a new Eilat Airport under construction, and when it opens in 2010, Ovda will cease to serve commercial travelers.

There are several additional Israel airports located throughout the country that include Haifa, Beersheba, and Dov Hoz, and but most travelers will go through either the Eilat or Tel Aviv airport. The larger location such as the Ben Gurion Tel Aviv airport are guaranteed to have full service facilities including taxis, private car services, limo rentals, restaurants, and snack bars, though with smaller rural airports it may be worth trying to find out in advance what services are available at the terminal.

When making vacation plans to arrive at Israel airports during peak tourist seasons, including a car rental in your travel package can make things run more smoothly. Having a car reserved and ready for pick-up ahead of time will assure you of having transportation once you arrive at the airport in Israel. Car rental companies located at the airports include Avis, Budget, and Hertz. Whether you fly into Eilat, take a cruise ship to Jaffa, or arrive at the Tel Aviv airport, your trip to Israel is sure to be a memorable one as you explore the country’s unparalleled historic attractions.

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