Israel Attractions

Israel is one of the most intriguing and holiest places to visit in the world, and Israel attractions are not far behind. Tourist attractions in Israel abound across the country, and there is something for everyone to enjoy, from gardens to archaeological sites to commemorative museums. With the large amount of things to do, it would be difficult to choose only a few places, but if you happen to be in certain areas during your vacation, there are several particularly intriguing things to see in Israel. The largest attraction is likely Eilat, which is an entire spa resort city; if you plan to visit southern Israel, this is certainly the place to be.

Israel sightseeing includes several categories, from national parks to places of worship. Some of the most famous tourist attractions in Israel are those sacred places where ancient prophets made their mark. Particularly meaningful—and heavily contested—the Temple Mount is where it is said the prophet Mohammed ascended into heaven and Abraham attempted to sacrifice his son at the command of God. In the Garden of Gethsemane, Jesus often walked with his disciples and prayed the night before his crucifixion on a stone enshrined at the Church of All Nations. After the crucifixion, Mary walked the footsteps of her son in memory of that sacrifice, and the garden has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Israel today.

If you are in the Jerusalem area, you're in luck, because some of the best Israel sightseeing can be found here. One great national park to visit is the Ein Hemed, which offers lush greenery for picnicking and a charming brook where visitors can relax and ponder their surroundings. The Yad Vashem is a powerful memorial honoring the victims of the Holocaust; this monument is a complex of museums and commemorations, including a personal section with locks of hair from a little girl executed at Auschwitz, pictures, and Stars of David collected from victims—there’s even a section for non-Jews who helped to save some from the terrible persecution at the risk of their own lives.

Peace Island is a piece of land on the border between Israel and Jordan as part of a peace treaty between the two countries; each country agreed to reserve this land for tourism, while farmers continue to lease the land for fruit farming. The Temple Mount is one of the most famous hills in Israel; it is not only an archaeological site, but it is also a very important religious location for Judaism, Islam, and Christianity. The Dome of the Rock is the oldest existing Islamic structure and along with the Al-Aqsa Mosque is one of the holiest sites for Muslims.

Tel Aviv is another great place to find a great deal of Israel attractions. From festivals to the beautiful coastal beaches, there is something that everyone will enjoy. The Mediterranean coast is the best of the local attractions, with soft white sand and blue waters. Old Jaffa, an ancient sea port, and the nightlife in Tel Aviv are a couple of must-sees while you are in the area.

In the city of Eilat, the tourists outnumber the Israeli population. With gorgeous scenery, natural hot springs, and plenty of resort hotels, this is one of those places where visitors can enjoy a restful vacation. Israel has a diverse array of wonderful tourist attractions from delightful cities, charming ancient ruins, beautiful national parks, solemn religious and memorial sites, and stunning coastal waters and beaches, which provide for a memorable visit to the Holy Land.

From Jerusalem to the Dead Sea, Israel attractions abound endlessly in a variety of different settings, and whatever your interests may be, there are a number of attractions that can offer something to suit your tastes. Keep in mind, when you are searching for things to do on your trip to the Holy Land, Israel sightseeing is a great way to spend your time wisely, learning about the past as well as an intriguing part of our world.



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