Beersheba Israel

Beersheba Israel, also known as Beer Sheva, is both rich in ancient history, as a seat of the Jewish patriarchs, and a prime base for exploration of the nearby Bedouin villages and the Negev desert. Located on the main route between Eilat and both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, it is quite easy to travel to Beersheba, and as the gateway to the Negev desert region and an important town in biblical times, the trip is eminently worth it.

For those on Beersheba trips following the trail of biblical figures, Beersheba Israel is of great importance as the city where the patriarch Abraham lived for 26 years, and where he and his son Isaac swore an oath of non-aggression with the Philistine leader Abimelech. It was here that the patriarchs built Abraham's Well, as a monument to their promise. Today the well is located at the edge of the Old Town. Beersheba Israel is also significant for being the site of the patriarch Jacob's dream about a staircase reaching into heaven.

Those planning to travel to Beersheba will enjoy the Old Turkish town, which has buildings dating from the nineteenth century and where the streets are constructed in a grid-like pattern, unusual for this part of the world. The Turkish quarter was designed by Turkish and German engineers in the declining days of the Ottoman Empire. The Turkish town also has a variety of ethnic restaurants and bars. The rest of the town, while not overflowing with heavily visited attractions, is nonetheless interesting for its vibrant student community (Ben Gurion University is located in town) and its glimpse into everyday life in Israel. Beersheba trips offer visitors to Israel an opportunity to experience Israeli life and culture as it is lived in typical towns far from the glitz of Tel Aviv and the intensity of Jerusalem. Small museums, art galleries, and a zoo provide plenty to pass the time, and travelers tired of the tourist train will enjoy their time in this laid-back city.

Travel to Beersheba should also include a visit not only to Abraham's well but also an exploration of Beersheba's military heritage. The Negev Brigade Memorial to the west of the city commemorates the Israeli forces who conquered Beersheba during the Israeli War for Independence. Next to the Old Town, the British World War I Cemetery memorializes those who fell in the famous charge of 4th Light Horse Brigade in the fight against the Turks during the First World War. The Israeli Air Force Museum just outside the city satisfies those on Beersheba trips who are craving a glimpse at historical airplanes as well as interesting facts about the history of war in Israel.

Not to be missed during any travel to Beersheba Israel is the excellent archaeological park, Tel Beersheva, just outside the city. The original location for the biblical town of Beersheba, the park is listed as a World Heritage Site and offers visitors a look into life in ancient times. Inhabited from 4000 BC to the sixteenth century AD, the town includes residential and administrative quarters as well as a large water cistern, several wells, and an altar used for religious rituals. The rich history of this park makes it a must-see destination on all Beersheba trips. Also situated outside Beersheba is an extensive Bedouin market held on Thursdays and surrounding Bedouin villages for the adventurous to explore. South of the city a desert spa is available for those wishing to soak in hot mineral waters for a reasonable price.

Although Beersheba may not be the first destination that comes to mind when travelers think of traveling in Israel, it is certainly an interesting place to visit with its archaeological treasures, rich history, and the Turkish and Bedouin culture that enlivens this desert town. Beersheba hotels are not the most varied, but there are still plenty of places to stay, including both budget and luxury accommodations.

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