Beersheba Hotels

Note: The Gateway to the Negev is scheduled to open in 2010.

Beersheba hotels are located in one of the Israeli destinations on the road less traveled—literally. Beersheba, also known as Beer Sheva, is located in the Negev Desert filled with a number of wells; the most renowned of these wells is known as Abraham's Well. The name Beer Sheva is derived from an oath made between Abraham and Abimelech during which seven ewes stood witness; it is a Hebrew term meaning either "well of the oath" or "well of the seven." If you are looking for a hotel in Beersheba, you will find a host of opportunities for accommodations away from the hustle and bustle.

It is not one of the most popular destinations in the country, but in addition to being a wonderful opportunity for sightseeing and socializing, it is a great place to get away from the traffic and noise of the bigger cities. Although Beersheba is the sixth-largest city in Israel and is home to 200,000 citizens, it is so widely spread out that it hardly seems as cramped as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Beersheba hotels offer a variety of accommodations for guests of every kind, and as the city is the best place from which to explore the Negev Desert, you won't lack for things to do during the day.

While finding reasonable accommodations often tops the list of criteria for a great vacation, reserving a luxury hotel is sometimes in special order, or just a great option for those who don’t mind shelling out that extra dollar. At the center of town is one of the luxury Beersheba hotels, the Golden Tulip Paradise Negev; its convenient location allows for easy access to nearby shopping centers and other points of interest within the city. Here, visitors can enjoy a luxurious vacation without even leaving the hotel. They can take advantage of the state-of-the-art recreational and business facilities or take time to pray in the synagogue, ladies can enjoy a bit of pampering at the salon, and everyone will love the pool and spa. Desert Inn is a hotel in Beersheba on the outskirts of town, offering the simple elegance of modern design along with the traditional essence of the desert city at a slightly more reasonable price.

If you are planning a trip to this wide open town, you may be considering cheap hotels in Beersheba. Many of the lodgings in this town offer a comfortable living space with a price to suit anyone's pocket book. Aviv Hotel and Hanegev Hotel are both affordable and secure accommodations with friendly service. Travelers can often find the best cheap hotels in Beersheba on a hotel search engine, along with getting details about what amenities they can expect at the lodging of their choice.

Budget hotels are coveted by nearly every traveler, but getting good value is often the most important part, sometimes more than the exact price tag. Other Beersheba hotels worth considering include Hotel Eshel (pictured), Hanegev, and the Beit Yatsiv Youth Hostel. Hostels offer an intimate experience with the people and surroundings of the local area, and if you're looking for cheap hotels in Beersheba, they are often the best option.

While in Beersheba, visitors might consider going for a tour of the surrounding attractions. Neve Midbar, a desert spa with natural hot springs, lies several miles south of the city. A number of memorials and museums offer a chance to brush up on history and culture, while Tel Beer Sheva Archeological Park offers visitors a bit of insight on how biblical figures lived at this World Heritage Site to the east of the city. The Negev Museum reopened as an art museum, and the new Gateway to the Negev offers helpful information for tourists exploring the area.

The city is also home to the Israeli Sinfonietta, started in 1973; such an array of things to do makes any trip to this city a unique opportunity, something unusual to add to the already fascinating list of possibilities for an Israel vacation. Guests are sure to enjoy comfortable lodging and atmosphere at their Beersheba accommodation. Whatever you choose to do and whichever hotel in Beersheba you choose to book, you are sure to enjoy a trip that is quite out of the ordinary and way off the well beaten path.



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