Dead Sea Tours

Dead Sea tours are available for travelers to Israel who are interested in learning about one of the country’s most historic areas. These are are accessible in half-day or full-day trips and can be arranged through your hotel or resort, or when planning vacation packages through a travel agent.

The Qumran Caves, which can be accessed during tours to the Dead Sea, were the site of significant archaeological discovery when the Dead Sea scrolls were discovered here. The scrolls, which represent the earliest copies of the Old Testament, date back to pre-Christian times and housed at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Tour the Dead Sea area of Ein Gedi for an exceptional outdoor experience at this spring-fed lush nature preserve near the border. Filled with an array of plants, wildlife, and thundering waterfalls, Ein Gedi is a cool respite during summer vacations and a popular spot on Dead Sea tours. You can enjoy a leisurely hike along the trail leading to Nahal David or select one of the reserve’s additional trails for a more challenging trek.

Tours to the Dead Sea often include Masada, a historic site home to the ruins of an ancient fortress, to observe the magnificent view from atop the towering cliffs. For those interested in climbing to the summit, there is a twenty-minute climb if approaching the cliffs through Arad in the west or a longer forty-five minute hike if approaching the summit from the east. To tour the Dead Sea cliffs at Masada without hiking, a ten-minute cable car ride from the base of the cliffs takes visitors to the summit.

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