Food in Israel

Israeli food offers a varied selection of choices, including Kosher, French, Indian, Italian, and Middle Eastern. Because of the diverse population, these foods have equally integrated into the culture of the country. Visitors should be aware that the food in Israel often follows religious rules of either the Jews or the Muslims, but they should have no trouble finding plenty of delicious meals, even if they don't typically follow such rules themselves. As the liveliest city in Israel, Tel Aviv restaurants follow suit with a unique ambience of design and entertainment in addition to delightful food. The food in Israel should be listed as its own attraction on your itinerary of things to do during your vacation—you won't be disappointed.

When considering the food in Israel, it is probably wise to note that this is an important part of the culture, and your dining experience contributes to your entire vacation. Many different ethnic groups have immigrated to this country, contributing significantly to the Israeli food. Kosher refers to cuisine that follows the religious guidelines of the Jews; these rules can be quite complex, but as a general description, certain foods are prohibited from being eaten together or at the same meal, while others are banned from the menu altogether. Visitors to Tel Aviv are less likely to run across strictly kosher food than at a restaurant in Jerusalem, which is a much religiously oriented city. Middle Eastern cuisine is another major type of food in Israel, which also follows a set of religious rules from the Muslim sector called Halal, meaning ‘permissible’; these guidelines are not only applied to the food, but it is also a way of life.

Some of the best Israel restaurants can be found in the lively city of Tel Aviv. Although it is officially in Jaffa, Abu Hassan, also called Ali-Karavan, is a charming place where travelers can find the best hummus in town, which has been on the menu for more than 40 years. The menu is fairly restricted, and you may have to wait in line to sit next to strangers, but the deliciously creamy hummus is said to be well worth it. Orna and Ella’s Bistro is another favorite restaurant, owned and operated by Orna and Ella and inspired by Italian cuisine. Raphael, Bruno, Onami, Yoezer Wine Bar, Tazza D’oro, and Goocha are a few of the other top rated restaurants in the Tel Aviv area.

If you are searching for a restaurant in Jerusalem, you will find a unique set of establishments that offer fine cuisine and entertainment that will surely enhance your experience in the lovely city. Darna is inspired by the Moroccan Jewish populace and is authentically designed serving delicious food from Morocco. On the flip side, a very contemporary restaurant with modern design is Canela, featuring a live pianist on Monday nights and a kosher continental menu. Visitors can also find a fine menu of French and Mediterranean food at Arcadia, one of the top rated restaurants in the country.

The Israeli food is diverse and just as exciting as the attractions and adventures of traipsing about the country, travelers have much to look forward to regarding the history and experiences awaiting them in this culinary journey. Each day of your Israel vacation should include a local meal in the area of your rambling journey, whether you're at a restaurant in Jerusalem or a seaside cafe in Eilat.

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