Diving in Israel

Diving in Israel is one of the most popular activities among travelers who are planning to spend time at any of the country's beaches and seaside resorts, and it’s particularly memorable for those planning to spend their vacations along the Red Sea, which is known for its marine life and spectacular scuba conditions.

The cosmopolitan resort city of Eilat, with its warm waters and friendly atmosphere, is the perfect vacation destination to scuba dive in Israel. Deciding when to go diving in Israel is not a problem as the temperature in Eilat hovers in the 70-degree range during the summer, and even travelers who are visiting in winter can scuba dive in Israel because of the moderate water temperature. In addition, along with Eilat diving excursions, travelers can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and watching dolphins at play.

The Coral Beach Nature Reserve near Eilat is one of the busiest diving regions in the world and a popular destination for both novices and experts to go diving in Israel. The reserve has a relaxing beach, changing rooms, showers, a snack bar, and a shop where you can rent snorkeling equipment.

A program called snuba, whose name comes from combining snorkeling and scuba, is also offered at the reserve. With this activity, novice divers can enjoy safe and easy diving by being tethered to an oxygen tank that floats on an inflatable raft instead of being strapped to the body and limits the depths to which you can dive.

Red Sea diving in Israel is popular among both experienced and beginner divers, and there are courses available for vacationers interested in learning to dive in the open water. Beginners of any age can learn the basics of Eilat diving in the clear blue waters while being taught by PADI- (Professional Association of Diving Instructors)-certified teachers. Instruction begins in the basic elements of diving, safety, equipment, and technique in a quick but effective manner, once the student performs specific swimming requirements. Upon successful completion of the course, students will earn certification as an open water diver.

For vacationers interested in diving in Israel but not ready to take a course, snorkeling and scuba excursions are combined allowing you to enjoy the waters and see the underwater world of fish and corals without deep diving.

For those who are experienced, you can join a group and scuba dive in Israel in the open waters along the coral reefs by signing up for a Liveaboard Safari. This excursion is the ultimate adventure when it comes to Eilat diving, as it provides dining, sleeping accommodations, lounge, and equipment for the trip. The boat's course is set for a designated deep diving site where you will enter the open waters of the Red Sea and explore the underwater landscape through sunken ships and coral reefs.

An added bonus for visitors to the Red Sea is seeing the bottlenose dolphins that call the waters home at Dolphin Reef Eilat, an ecological beach area along the seashore. The long stretch of beach is perfect for sunning and taking a short walk to the floating piers to observe the dolphins, and visitors can even put on their swimsuits and snorkeling gear and participate in a guided swim to see the dolphins as they interact in their natural habitat. The dolphins are free to approach swimmers and divers on their own, though they are not encouraged to do so by anything beyond their own natural curiosity.

Dolphin Reef Eilat provides a diving and snorkeling center, café and bar, restaurant, children's area, and underwater photography center. If you’re spending your trip to Israel along the Red Sea, it’s a particularly memorable destination, as it allows travelers to combine multiple attractions into one visit.

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