Eilat Hotels

Eilat hotels are located in an interesting town on the southernmost tip of Israel, separated from the rest of the country by the Negev Desert, and it's particularly unusual in that the tourist population outnumbers the Israeli residents. While the town is distanced from the rest of the country by the Negev Desert, it certainly doesn't lag behind on the variety of accommodations. From budget to luxury, each hotel in Eilat offers something unique to its guests. Visitors will find an abundance of things to do during their vacation in Eilat; the most popular attractions are the beaches and the beautiful coastal waters of the Red Sea and the wonderful sea life that lies beneath the surface.

As the favored attractions are on the coast, it follows that the most popular and luxurious resorts are there as well. Beach hotels in Eilat are among the most sumptuous in the area. While these Eilat hotels can be somewhat pricey, there are times when travelers can book out of season reservations for a more reasonable amount. For instance, The Dan is a resort hotel in Eilat with a landscaped resort pool and recreational facilities fit for royalty, and it's a lovely place to stay during a vacation to the Gulf of Eilat.

Sheraton Herods Palace Complex is home to three Eilat hotels: Herods Palace, which is the main hotel; Herods Forum, a convention hotel; and Herods Vitalis, a spa resort. For an extraordinary setting, visitors can make reservations at the Princess Eilat, which lies nestled at the very crux of the Sinai Mountains and the Negev Desert overlooking the clear waters of the Red Sea. Each of these hotels offers excellent accommodations with spectacular, breathtaking views, and resort recreational facilities.

Budget Eilat Israel Hotels are another option for those travelers hoping to save a few bucks for entertainment or activities such as scuba diving. Nova Hotel is a hotel in Eilat that is within walking distance of the beach; however, the prices are much more within range of the average traveler, and there are often special promotions going on throughout the year. Another option would be to reserve a room at one of the local hostels, which can be quite comfortable and a friendly experience, where visitors can socialize with other travelers as well as the locals, who are often more than happy to offer their assistance and advice.

For those travelers who are not exactly on a shoestring budget but who are still not willing to pay for the extravagance of the luxurious Eilat hotels, there are quite a few mid-range hotels that can be considered luxurious and affordable at the same time. The Dan Panorama, though not quite as luxurious as the Dan Eilat, is a more reasonable accommodation, featuring comfortable furnishings and attractive surroundings with a variety of recreational facilities. In this mid-price option, guests will find a number of familiar chains, including Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, and Le Meridien. While these hotels are not quite as high-priced as the five-star Eilat Israel hotels, they remain quite cozy and still reasonable.

Eilat accomodations come in a various selection of accommodations, and travelers are sure to find something that suits their budget and tastes, given enough time to look in advance. The Eilat Israel hotels you choose for any vacation provides an enhancement to the experience of the city, and in this case, it is difficult to go wrong with such wonderful and unique choices at your fingertips. This resort town is a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings, whether you're on a honeymoon or simply a quiet getaway in Israel.

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