Israel Honeymoons

Israel honeymoons offer couples the opportunity to celebrate their marriage as well as create beautiful memories of their time in this historic country. There are many options available among Israel honeymoon packages that include religious sightseeing, beach and water activities, tours of archaeological sites, and nature and hiking excursions.

A honeymoon in Israel revolving around religious sightseeing will have couples visiting the ancient city of Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Nazareth, and Masada with tours to museums and shrines to receive the full effect of the ancient culture and history of the country. In Jerusalem, for example, you will see sites dating back to Biblical times that include visits to the Old City, the Wailing Wall, and the Shrine of the Book, where the Dead Sea scrolls are exhibited, among other sites.

Bethlehem is filled with holy sites, museums, artifacts, and shrines such as the Church of the Nativity, though because the city is located in the West Bank, part of the Palestinian Territories, it’s worth planning ahead and checking into any safety issues before you take your trip.

In Masada, couples can enjoy the Dead Sea beaches and spas, as well as hikes through the Ein Gedi Reserve. The reserve, fed by four springs, features cool waterfalls creating an oasis for travelers. Masada is also the site of ancient palaces and a fortress dating back to Roman times, making it a fascinating destination for couples who want to connect with the ancient history of the Holy Land.

Israel honeymoons focused on beach and water activities will take couples from the shores of the Mediterranean to the city of Eilat along the Red Sea; this city is a popular resort destination and is also known as a premier honeymoon destination for couples interested in scuba diving in the warm waters.

Honeymooners visiting the Dead Sea area can relax and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere floating in the salt-filled waters or indulging your skin with an invigorating and therapeutic mud bath. In the city of Tiberias, couples enjoying Israel honeymoons can relax and savor the soothing waters of the hot springs.

Those who choose to have their honeymoon in Israel focus on nature, wildlife, and hiking will enjoy the trails and scenic beauty at Gamla Reserve on the Golan Heights, which is ideal for bird-watchers. The Hula Nature Reserve is also a fine place to observe the local wildlife residing in the park.

Visits to ancient ruins are another option for Israel honeymoons, as couples can observe artifacts, bathhouses, remnants of Roman aqueducts and theaters, castles, and ancient walls and tunnels that can only be seen when accompanied by a guide. The city of Caesarea, on the Mediterranean Sea, is home to stunning Roman ruins and also offers couples the chance to combine some time on the beach with their historic sightseeing.

Israel honeymoons often include the bustling city of Tel Aviv as well. Filled with restaurants, cafes, museums, and nightlife, couples can add a change of pace to their honeymoon itinerary and enjoy the livelier atmosphere after time spent relaxing on the beaches or hiking near the archaeological sites.

There are many hotels in Israel, including luxury and inexpensive options, as well as romantic bed and breakfast inns, which together give couples a variety of choices when planning their honeymoon. Using a dedicated wedding planner who specializes in customizing Israel honeymoon packages is also an option for your special trip.

Israel honeymoon packages come with many options that include accommodations, arrangements made for sightseeing tours, transportation, relaxing in a candle-lit Jacuzzi on a private deck, in-room massages and treatments, and lavish meals for the honeymoon couple. The variety of choices for urban hotels, beachside destinations, and fascinating historic attractions ensures that couples will have no shortage of ways to create a perfect and unforgettable honeymoon in Israel.

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