Tel Aviv Hotels

Tel Aviv hotels are in one of the country's liveliest destinations; Tel Aviv is often referred to as the city that never sleeps. As the second-largest city in Israel, it has grown to encompass Jaffa, the ancient port to the south, and together, they have come to be known as Tel Aviv-Yafo (Jaffa). Some of the most interesting things to do and see in the area include visiting Old Jaffa, taking a walking tour of the city architecture, experiencing the pulsing nightlife, and of course, relaxing on the beaches and taking a dip in the Mediterranean waters.

An enormous amount of visitors are attracted to this thriving city each year, and to accommodate the influx, Tel Aviv hotels come in a variety of different selections from the most humble abodes at the outskirts of town to five-star sumptuous lodging along the attractive coastline. However your decision is made, the lodging you choose will add to the charm and experience of your Israel vacation, and as such, thorough research should be conducted to ensure you find the perfect place for your tastes and budget.

Luxury hotels in Tel Aviv are abundant; however, travelers should be prepared to pay a hefty price for those lavish facilities. Along the coastal strip, dozens of hotels are available, with a great deal of variety to offer. Several world-renowned chains make up this group of Tel Aviv hotels, including Crowne Plaza, Sheraton, Renaissance, and the Carlton. The Dan Panorama, the Dan Intercontinental, and the Dan Tel Aviv are a few of the higher-end five-star hotels in the area. Often, with good research and at the right time of the year, visitors may find promotions or special rates through vacation packages, making a stay at these hotels a bit more affordable. Certainly, staying at a Tel Aviv Israel hotel such as one of these completes an ideal relaxing vacation or honeymoon.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, some visitors may be looking for the lowest prices, but that does not mean you can't have a wonderful experience at your lodging of choice anyway. Staying at hostels, private homes, or a budget accommodation in Tel Aviv can enhance your experience of the city in a much more intimate way; travelers are likely to come across locals who are more than willing to assist with a little advice for your trip. Staying at one of these lodgings can lead to a great learning experience as well as tons of memories to carry home with you. Many of the budget accommodation in Tel Aviv will be found at the outskirts of town, particularly at the southern edge of the city.

The best way to pay a moderate price and still enjoy a bit of luxury would be to stay at a mid range accommodation in Tel Aviv. There are a number of reasonable Tel Aviv hotels throughout the city. Olympia, Ophir, and Center Hotels are a few of the accommodations where visitors can experience similar facilities to those of a luxury Tel Aviv Israel hotel at a more affordable rate. To ensure the best prices, visitors may want to make early reservations.

In the heart of Israel, Tel Aviv is one of the most exciting places in the country to spend your vacation. There are plenty of enjoyable things to do in and around the city from learning about Israeli history to lively entertainment to relaxation. Whether you stay at a hostel or a Tel Aviv Israel hotel, your experience will be unique and altogether gratifying—it's a city you shouldn't miss.

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