Tiberias Hotels

Tiberias hotels come in a variety of price-ranges to suit the many travelers who come here each year. Located on the shores of the Sea of Galilee, Tiberias is one of the holy cities in Judaism. Although it's not as lively a place as Jerusalem or Tel Aviv, there are still plenty of things to do in this marvelous lakeside city. Visit the Hamath Tiberias National Park, kayak the Jordan River to the famous site of the baptism of Jesus, take a dip in the lake, visit St. Peters Church, cycle around the lake, or if you are in a group, take a boat ride across the lake to Ein Gev. Lodgings come in a variety of different options in Tiberias, from budget to luxury. When making your choice of Tiberias accommodation, it is essential to have your needs and desires in mind before booking reservations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay at your hotel in Tiberias.

Reserving a budget hotel in Tiberias is a great way to save money and to take advantage of the friendly nature of owners and locals who may offer great advice on things to do in the area; this type of Tiberias accommodation often enhances your vacation experience with more of a local flavor. At the center of town, visitors will find the official Hostels Israel Association Hostel, while others are found along the shore and Main Street of the city. While a great learning experience awaits travelers at these locations, it is imperative to make reservations to ensure a safe and comfortable arrival.

Many luxury hotels can be found throughout the city and along the beach. One of the most secluded Tiberias hotels is the Holiday Inn, which is located among the natural greenery of the area, and offers abundant amenities from natural hot springs to yoga to lush gardens; this Tiberias accommodation is featured at a complex that encompasses the Hamath Tiberias National Park, the Tiberias Hot Springs Spa, and a private beach where visitors can stroll down to the sea for a swim or a bit of sailing.

Other high-end Tiberias hotels include the Golden Tulip Jordan River, the Sheraton Moriah, the Rimonim Galei Kinnereth (pictured), and the Scottish House Hotel, which is a great option if you are in the market for a Tiberias beach hotel. Any one of the luxury hotels in Tiberias can offer a restful vacation for visitors, and on occasion, visitors may find promotions or special rates during the off-peak seasons.

Mid-range Tiberias hotels are especially nice because they offer simple luxuries at a moderate rate for those who would like a comfortable place to rest at night, while saving money to enjoy the surrounding areas during the day. Some of these hotels include King Solomon, Eden Hotel, Astoria, and the Kibbutz Lavi Hotel. Visitors will find many of the same amenities at these hotels which are found at luxury hotels, just on a smaller scale.

Finding a hotel in Tiberias depends on several criteria, including budget and tastes, but there are options to suit everyone, from students to families to those relaxing on a honeymoon. However you choose to spend your vacation in Israel, Tiberias is a great place to include on the itinerary for all of the wonderful outdoor activities and opportunities to relax and relieve any anxiety or stress from back home.

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